Apr 6, 2021
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Sergei Lazarev could not hold back tears during the performance of Ksenia Bakhchalova in the show “Come on, all together!”

18:57, 04/06/2021

The singer admitted that he had identified his favorite in the project.

February 28 music show “Come on all together“Returned to the air of the TV channel” Russia 1 “. The participants went through a tough casting before they got into the project. Now each of them has to conquer the judges of the show, which is very difficult to do. After all, a hundred members of the jury, headed by Sergey Lazarev, will evaluate the vocal data of the contestants.

However, today Lazarev admitted that in the last issue he could not hold back tears. The singer conquered the strict judge of the project Ksenia Bakhchalova… “The incredibly touching performance and angelic singing of the amazing, modest Ksenia Bakhchalova brought the entire hundred experts to tears! The whole wall was crying! Just listen! Her voice is magic! Every time I watch it with tears in my eyes !!! Absolutely deserved 100 points and the victory of the last release of the show “Come on, all together” and definitely my favorite “, – shared Sergey (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Speech by Ksenia Bakhchalova

In the past two seasons, Lazarev also headed the jury. Sergey admitted that he considers the project to be very sincere and difficult, because it is almost impossible to unite a hundred people and make them vote for one contestant. According to Lazarev, there are different age groups in the hundred, and everyone has different interests and musical tastes.

Let us remind you that traditionally in each edition of the judges are expected performances by eight contestants who will perform both Russian and world compositions. I must say that there are no restrictions on musical styles in the project, so the participants of the show have a large selection of repertoire. So, in previous seasons songs of different genres and directions sounded.

Sergey Lazarev heads a hundred members of the jury for the third season of “Come on together!”

The fate of the participants in the third season of “Come Together” is decided by representatives of domestic show business, artists and even popular TikTok bloggers. This time, their places were taken not only by those already familiar to the audience Eteri Beriashvili,Victoria Pierre-Marie, Alexey Glyzin, but also David Manukyan. In addition, Philip Kirkorov, Valeria and Ani Lorak joined the members of the star jury. It should be noted that a surprise awaited the project participants in the new season. Now the winner will receive not only the show cup and a million rubles, but also rotation on the air of Novy Radio.

We add that Kirkorov, like Lazarev, is also impressed by the performances of the participants. So, he was delighted with the 16-year-old Garik Zabelian… Moreover, Philip Bedrosovich could not hold back tears during the performance of a young artist from Sochi. Zabelian performed with a song Whitney Houston Run To You. The number of the participant made an impression not only on Kirkorov, but also on the entire hundred. In the very first edition, all members of the jury, headed by Sergei Lazarev, rose during the performance of the 16-year-old vocalist. “When he came out, I immediately said that this is an unusual boy. I have a chuyka! Light and talent emanate from him, I am your fan, Garik! ” – declared the king of pop.

16-year-old participant of the show “Come on together” Garik Zabelyan

I must say that in the entire history of the television project, the judges’ hundred were raised only twice: during the speech Maria Kirpicheva, who presented the composition “Murmur Streams”, and the Georgian artist Nutsa Buzaladese, who performed the song What’s Up. As the host of the vocal project Nikolai Baskov said, in the third season of “Come on together,” the judges will be much stricter towards the participants in the show. As for the chairman of the hundred, Sergei Lazarev, he noted that each member of the jury worries about the contestants.

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