Oct 14, 2020
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Sergei Glushko’s mistress undressed on camera

Sergei Glushko's mistress undressed on camera

28-year-old mistress of stripper Sergei Glushko, Anastasia Shulzhenko shared a nude photo.

The actress found herself at the center of a major scandal. She publicly revealed that the stripper cheated on his wife with her. Natasha Koroleva's husband explained his position. The artist forgave him. Now their family idyll is again not in danger, and Anastasia has become a real star on the Web.

This time, the newly minted instadiva starred completely naked. Anastasia lay on her stomach on the bed, only slightly covering herself with exquisite sheets. To add spice to the frame, she chose to take the picture in black and white. The girl looked into the distance temptingly - the photo turned out to be very hot.

Nude Anastasia Shulzhenko
Nude Anastasia Shulzhenko

"Better to let her be here. PS Oh yeah, for moralists the answer is no, no shame", - Anastasia addressed the subscribers with humor, anticipating negative comments addressed to her, which she considered inevitable. However, the beauty's expectations were not met - the fans bombarded her with warm comments, not reproaches.

"And here there is nothing to be ashamed of, a beautiful female body "," Well, moralists are attached to you ... You are cool! "," Awesome! And give such a body to Tarzan, he is no longer Tarzan, but an old worn-out monkey!"- wrote the followers.

One of the followers directly addressed Shulzhenko with a sincere question: “A very strange situation. It seems as if the whole country is being deceived. It is profitable for everyone, or something. Anastasia, how much were you paid for this performance?However, Shulzhenko left this comment unanswered.

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