Oct 17, 2020
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Sergei Burunov and Alexander Petrov exchanged barbs on social networks after shooting together in a commercial

10:05, 10/16/2020

The stars of "Policeman from Rublyovka" joked that they are forever connected to each other.

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Alexander Petrov and Sergei Burunov are known as colleagues on the series "Policeman from Rublyovka". True, last year it became known that 31-year-old Petrov decided to leave the project of Ilya Kulikov and respond to other, equally tempting offers. Nevertheless, the actors of the serial comedy continue to communicate as friends. It is known that both love to publicly pin up each other, sometimes not embarrassed in expressions.

So, in March of this year, when Burunov, on his 43rd birthday, received as a gift from Petrov a set of T-shirts on which Alexander's portraits were printed, he bitterly thanked his colleague for his love and attention. In no way did the birthday man offend the fact that the "Text" star published a video from his colleague's birthday, accompanying him with the words that they drank compote and ate cake on this sad holiday, and then everyone left.

You can also recall Burunov's reaction to Petrov's interview with Yuri Dudyu, when the young actor spoke about his desire to receive the Oscar. Sergei said that Sasha would definitely not die of modesty. “Everything is dry for me. No, well, it's great, of course, that he has such ambitions. I just really didn't know. Well, in terms of growth, it's cool, "the Mylodrama star commented on a colleague's statement.

Alexander Petrov and Sergey Burunov

Today, the reason for mutual public jokes was that both Petrov and Burunov starred in a commercial that advertises tobacco heating systems. The video came out humorous, and Burunov got the most unattractive roles, women and a Neanderthal, as he announced in his microblog on Instagram. “Well, Petrov, are you again? Yes, Sasha, @actorsashapetrov, as I do not flinch at the thought of you, but apparently we are connected forever ", - the 43-year-old actor ironically said (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are given here and below without changes. -Note... ed.).

In turn, Alexander Petrov turned to his old colleague. “Sergey, @sergeyburunovofficial here we met again, and this is SUCH NOSTALGIA !!! And such a thrill! " - wrote the star "Streltsova" in his microblog, posting footage of joint work with Burunov. We add that both actors noted the talent of their other partner on the set - Yura Muzychenko. The lead singer of The Hatters played several characters, showing his extraordinary acting skills. “Yura, @yra_muzichenko honestly, you're cool! Sincere, real! Very talented! Thanks to the team, we filmed for several days ... "

Note that this summer Sergei Burunov starred in the video for the track "Snob" by Evgeny Rudin, better known as DJ Groove, joining the famous comedian and screenwriter Alexander Gudkov. According to the artist, the 48-year-old musician gave him a new track to listen to and offered to "hooligan" on the set of the video. Burunov gladly agreed. According to the plot, Gudkov plays a mischievous blogger who visits public places and criticizes them on his social networks, and the 43-year-old actor got the role of a DJ who gives a fitting rebuff to a fashion influencer.

Alexander Gudkov and Sergey Burunov in the music video of DJ Groove

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