Jan 8, 2022
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Serdyukov of the wrong system: a Russian paratrooper general will lead the CSTO peacekeepers in Kazakhstan

In the photo: Colonel General Andrei Nikolaevich Serdyukov

In the photo: Colonel General Andrei Nikolaevich Serdyukov (Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

The operations of the CSTO peacekeeping forces in Kazakhstan will be led by the Commander of the Airborne Forces, the 98th Airborne Division of the Russian Airborne Forces, Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov… It is quite logical – Moscow sent to the neighboring country to pacify the Kazakh revolt, “bloody and merciless”, the largest military contingent, consisting exclusively of paratroopers.

The Russian peacekeepers include units of the 45th separate airborne special forces brigade (Kubinka near Moscow), the 98th airborne division (Ivanovo) and the 31st separate airborne assault brigade of the Airborne Forces (Ulyanovsk). And they have their own commander – an airborne one. For understanding – Colonel-General Andrei Nikolaevich Serdyukov has nothing to do with either the ex-Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukovnor to Serdyukov’s self-loading pistol (SPS), also known under the name “Gyurza”. Serdyukov A.N. – Commander of the Airborne Forces.

His appointment to the post of chief peacekeeper from the CSTO was accepted literally at the last moment, when the first two units from the 76th airborne assault division of the Airborne Forces (Pskov) and the 45th separate special purpose brigade of the Airborne Forces went to Kazakhstan. Taking into account the increased role of Russian paratroopers in the peacekeeping operation in Kazakhstan, their commander, Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov, was also selected. He will also be subordinate to peacekeepers from Armenia (100 servicemen of the 12th Peacekeeping Brigade), Kyrgyzstan (150 servicemen, 8 armored vehicles and 11 vehicles) and Belarus, which sent a company from the 103rd Airborne Brigade to Kazakhstan (Vitebsk ). So far, Tajikistan is only planning to send its 200 troops to the neighboring region. The total number of the CSTO peacekeeping contingent in Kazakhstan should be about 3.5 thousand people, three thousand of whom are Russian paratroopers.

It should be noted here that, with a kind of preparation for participation in peacekeeping missions, the CSTO was “skated” at the exercises “Slavic Brotherhood”, where the main role was played by the Airborne Forces units under the command of Andrei Serdyukov. And if the latter in 2021 took place near Novorossiysk (in addition to Russia, military personnel from Belarus and Serbia took part in them), then in 2020 such international maneuvers took place in Belarus. Then the country was shaken by protest actions after the presidential elections, and the situation for Minsk could turn into something similar to the current riot in Kazakhstan. It is clear that Old Man could have dealt with the protesters himself, but the presence of Russian paratroopers became significant support for him, primarily to contain armed provocations from Poland and the Baltic countries. Commander of the Airborne Forces Andrey Serdyukov supervised those exercises on behalf of the Russian side.

“The participation of three battalion tactical groups of the Airborne Forces in the exercises“ Slavic Brotherhood-2020 ”was quite unexpected for many,” said a high-ranking officer in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. – It was assumed, as it was before, that only a group of servicemen of 200-300 people from the Pskov Airborne Force would take part in them, which, in fact, happened at the first stage. The paratroopers worked out various training tasks, including forcing a water barrier and a number of others. And later, new introductory ones followed – with the involvement of other units, already from the Tula and Ivanovskaya Airborne Forces, which landed on training grounds in the Brest and Grodno regions of Belarus.

The number of participants in the exercises from the Russian side exceeded one thousand. For a tactical assault, this is not so much, but these guys, given their training, can perform very serious tasks. For example, stop the advance of a probable NATO attack on Belarus. Now a more numerous contingent has been sent to Kazakhstan, which will fulfill the assigned task – the protection of state and military facilities, including Russian ones, on the territory of this country.

In general, the choice of the commander of the Russian Airborne Forces to the post of head of the peacekeeping contingent in Kazakhstan is by no means accidental – he has experience. You can also recall his experience in previous peacekeeping missions of Russian paratroopers – Serdyukov served as part of the KSFOR forces in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and also participated in the famous march of Russian paratroopers in Pristina (Kosovo). Andrey Serdyukov took part in 2019 and in the operation of Russian troops in Syria as the commander of the group. Then it was possible to defeat the formations of terrorists in the southern regions of Idlib province and take control of the Syrian troops a significant part of the north-east of Syria. For these successful actions, Serdyukov was awarded the Star of the Hero of Russia.

You can quote the words of the Deputy Head of the State Duma Defense Committee Dmitry Sablin about Serdyukov: “The fact that the CSTO peacekeeping forces in Kazakhstan will be headed by the commander of the Airborne Forces is a natural decision, which takes into account both the specifics of the Airborne Forces and the combat experience of Andrei Nikolayevich himself, including the Syrian one.” Here you can see that Sablin, who is also the first deputy chairman of the organization of veterans of local wars and armed conflicts “Combat Brotherhood”, met Serdyukov in Syria.

The Syrian experience, in terms of the use of heavy weapons and aviation, is hardly useful for Andrei Serdyukov in Kazakhstan – the CSTO peacekeepers have completely different tasks. As far as is known, the paratroopers took with them only small arms and light armored vehicles, which were in service with the Airborne Forces. At the same time, one must understand that the peacekeepers will not allow themselves to be offended, and will open fire to kill in the event of a threat to both their own life and the objects taken under protection. And here Serdyukov will not stand on ceremony, especially since the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev gave the order to destroy the terrorists.

Peacekeepers, as noted in the RF Ministry of Defense, are not involved in operational-combat activities carried out by law enforcement agencies and army units of Kazakhstan. That is, the task of the CSTO forces is not to suppress the riot, but only to carry out the assigned tasks – if necessary, with the use of weapons.

The question remains open – will the PMCs be subordinate to Serdyukov? As far as is known, the participation of Russian private military companies in the events in Kazakhstan has already been confirmed. They were delivered to the country not by BTA planes, but by civilian liners. The fact itself is not particularly advertised, but the so-called “Wagnerites” are already present in Kazakhstan. One of their tasks is to protect the territory of the Baikonur cosmodrome and transport communications. Most likely, the CSTO peacekeeping command has already established interaction with PMCs, but according to the same Syrian experience, there will be no direct subordination – the tasks are different, but the goal is the same.

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