Sep 12, 2020
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Serbian President commented on Maria Zakharova’s Facebook post

We are talking about the recent publication by Maria Zakharova of photographs from Alexander Vucic's visit to the White House. The spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry ridiculed the fact that the Vucic chair was moved away from Donald Trump's desk a considerable distance.

Serbian President commented on Maria Zakharova's Facebook post

Serbian leader Aleksandr Vucic spoke on RTV Pink about the controversial Facebook post made by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova. Vucic said that he considers this step primitivism. Part of the speech of the President of Serbia is quoted by TASS.

“The subconscious speaks most of all about a person, most of all Maria Zakharova said about herself, primitivism and simplification speak most of all about her and those who published it. I will not talk about it, let them do it themselves, ”said Vucic. He added that Russia does not appreciate the neutral position of Serbia, the only EU country that has not joined the anti-Russian sanctions.

We will remind, the scandal occurred after the post made by the Russian diplomat Maria Zakharova. She posted a photo from Vucic's meeting with Donald Trump, during which the Serbian president's chair was at a considerable distance from the head of the United States.

“If you were called to the White House, and the chair was placed as if you were under interrogation, sit down as in photo # 2. Whoever you are. Just believe it, ”Zakharova wrote, adding a frame from the movie“ Basic Instinct ”.

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