Jun 27, 2020
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Serbian President after Victory Parade in Moscow, spoke about joining the EU

“Fraternal” Serbia leaves no hope of joining the European Union. Two days after his visit to Moscow at the Victory Parade, President Alexander Vuchich announced the timeline for the republic to join the EU, which not so long ago once again extended anti-Russian sanctions.

Serbia may become a member of the European Union by 2026, said Vučić. According to him, negotiations with Brussels will be completed in four years. The head of the republic is satisfied with their progress.

However, Vucic did not say for sure. He said that he "only hopes and believes," but at the same time he did not write himself down as a dreamer.

He called the current situation successful in accelerating negotiations on Serbia’s accession to the European Union. More and more citizens of the republic want to see the country a member of the EU, the head of state said in an interview with RTS.

At the same time, a couple of weeks ago, Alexander Vucic called Russia a strategic partner of Serbia, and President Vladimir Putin - “dear brother”, and thanked Moscow for supporting the interests of Belgrade in the international arena. He called the relations between the two countries "honest friendship" and assured that the development of relations would continue.

Vučić attended the Victory Day parade in Moscow on June 24. 75 Serbian guards marched in Red Square.

It is worth noting that Brussels insists that Serbia recognize Kosovo’s independence as a prerequisite for joining the EU. Belgrade is not ready for such victims yet. According to experts, the citizens of Serbia should put an end to this issue in a referendum.

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