Sep 16, 2020
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September 17, 2020: Feast of the Icon of the Mother of God “Burning Bush”

September 17, 2020: Feast of the Icon of the Mother of God

On Thursday, September 17, the Orthodox Church will honor the icon of the Mother of God "Burning Bush" - one of the most famous holy images. Memorial Day of the Icon is a significant date for everyone who wants to repent of their sins and receive salvation.

The holy icon "The Burning Bush" contains both miraculous power and mystery - each element depicted on the shrine has a deep meaning, calling to move away from the worldly and think about the eternal. That is why the prayer addressed to the Mother of God on September 17 is able to free the soul of the penitent, help him bring repentance for his sins and find salvation.

In the early morning of September 17, believers will go to the Divine Liturgy. The ministers of the Church, together with the parishioners, will recall the history of the appearance and acquisition of the icon, the miracles created by it, and offer prayers to the Mother of God. After the service, everyone will be able to pray for something of their own and acquire for themselves and the protection of their family, or maybe as a gift, the holy image of the Burning Bush.

This icon is an early intercessor of home and family happiness. For many centuries, the shrine has saved people from certain death, from any misfortune, damage and other people's atrocities. It is believed that this icon should be in every Orthodox home as a talisman and protection from various troubles.

In 2020, a solemn service in her honor will again bring together many parishioners. There are many miracles created by the icon, when believers were healed of diseases, miraculously survived disasters, and gained salvation from sins and the blessing of Heaven. All this confirms that the Mother of God protects everyone, helps anyone who remembers her and calls out to her with good thoughts.

Priests call to love your family and pray for each loved one, especially if his work is connected with the danger and protection of others. It is sometimes too difficult to fulfill this covenant, especially when conflicts are raging in families. Anger and hatred for our loved ones lead us away from our highest destiny. The Mother of God teaches forgiveness, humility and love.

Most often, they turn to the icon for protection from fires and natural disasters, for gaining faith and salvation from a sinful life. But you can turn to the holy face in any other cases. It is important that you believe in the help of the Mother of God and do not ask for something that might violate God's commandments.

Orthodox priests advise on September 17 to offer prayers near the holy image. The words of the prayer should be pronounced quietly, without haste, with sincere requests and without a drop of falsehood.

With a prayer to the icon "Burning Bush" you will pay tribute to the great holiday and pure soul of the Most Holy Theotokos, thanks to which you will find a reliable shield against any troubles and strengthen your spirit. The Mother of God will take away the dangers associated with fire, sin, hatred and help you find a righteous and happy life.

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