Oct 5, 2021
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Send 300 diplomats: US Senators demanded from Biden to punish Russia

US Senators are asking Biden to expel 300 Russian diplomats if the Russian authorities do not agree to expand the staff of the American embassy.

US senators demanded to send 300 Russian diplomats from US President Joe Biden. This is stated in the corresponding letter from US lawmakers.

Thus, politicians propose to take revenge on Russia for the reduction in the staff of the US embassy. Recall that this happened during the deterioration of relations between Washington and Moscow.

In response, US senators are proposing to reduce the number of Russian diplomats working in the United States. We are talking about about 300 diplomatic workers. Some of them work at the UN, since the headquarters of the organization is located in New York. Senators demand from Russia to expand the staff of the American embassy or to be punished.

We urge you to begin the expulsion of Russian diplomats to bring the US diplomatic presence in Russia to parity. We consider such a step to be reasonable and mutual,

– said in a letter published on the website of the US Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Recall that Russia has included the United States in the list of unfriendly states. In this regard, Russian citizens are prohibited from working in US missions. Now Americans have to hire citizens of their own country to work in the embassy.

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