Dec 30, 2020
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Senator Svyatenko: in Moscow, the age of youth was raised to 35 years

Inna Svyatenko, the representative of the Moscow City Duma in the upper house of parliament, chairman of the Federation Council committee on social policy, emphasized the importance of adopting a new federal law on raising the age of young people to 35, inclusive, writes the Moscow City News Agency.

The senator said that now the age of 35 will be unified for all youth programs and benefits in Russia.

According to Svyatenko, the first of the reasons for the development of the draft federal law on youth policy is the need to harmonize the regulatory framework, since there was a legal vacuum in this area at the federal level, and a framework law on this topic has not been adopted since the 1990s. The second reason the senator called the need to provide full social support to young citizens of the Russian Federation on the basis of programs launched in Moscow and other regions.

“This is extremely important, because in the modern post-industrial society, young people – people who are just learning or taking their first steps up the career ladder – have not yet formed enough savings to feel confident in any conditions. That is why we need full-fledged social programs to support youth, and the basis for their work has been created by the current federal law, ”the parliamentarian explained.

She noted that in Russia there are programs to support young families, that is, families under 30. In most regions, a separate allowance is paid to them at the birth of a child. Now the circle of its recipients will expand. In addition, there is a program of affordable housing for young families, under which the state subsidizes families part of the cost of apartments. In many regions, the age limit for this subsidy was also limited to 30 years, whereas now it will be raised to 35 years.

Svyatenko expressed the opinion that the new age limit will correspond much better to reality in creative professions. “Now there are many scientific grants, creative contests, scholarships designed specifically for young people, where the age of applicants is limited to 30-33 years. The rules for these grants and competitions will need to be brought in line with federal law, the senator said. – All this is in line with the global trends in the growth of the duration of active life – international organizations are also expanding the scope of the concept of “youth”. Yes, in the modern world people, later than we were used to earlier, are fully formed and complete their education, therefore, the age bracket should be gradually raised. “

The interlocutor of the agency added that with the advent of the new federal law, Russia is becoming a country with one of the most developed corpuses of youth legislation in the world, which should contribute to the future prosperity of the state.

Earlier, the Federation Council approved a new federal law on youth policy. According to the Ministry of Labor, after its entry into force, the number of young people in Russia will grow by 12.7 million – to 41 million.

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