Oct 14, 2021
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Senator Jabarov responded to Japanese Prime Minister Kishida’s statement on the South Kurils


Senator Jabarov responded to Japanese Prime Minister Kishida's statement on the South Kurils
Press service of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation

During a speech in parliament, Japan’s new prime minister, Fumio Kishida, said that signing a peace treaty with Russia is a priority. At the same time, he added that Tokyo’s sovereignty also extends to the South Kuriles.

The first deputy head of the international committee of the Federation Council, Vladimir Dzhabarov, drew attention to the fact that the borders of Russia are not subject to revision. He added that any encroachment on the territory of the state would be regarded as aggression.

“This is a demonstrative speech at the parliamentary hearings in order to calm the Japanese public, political parties,” the senator said.

According to Dzhabarov, the Japanese prime minister is unlikely to be able to explain to Moscow the reasons why he declared sovereignty over the Kuril Islands. Such statements, the parliamentarian noted, do not contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations.

The senator concluded that Russia was able to live without a peace treaty with Japan for 75 years. In his opinion, the signing of the document will not change this.

Earlier in NewInform, the new Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, announced that Tokyo’s sovereignty extends to the southern Kuril Islands.

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