Sep 14, 2020
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Senator Jabarov commented on the reshuffle in the Japanese government

    Yoshihide Suga
Yoshihide Suga

Acting General Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Yoshihide Suga was elected to the post of chairman of the country's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Senator of the Federation Council from the Jewish Autonomous Region Vladimir Dzhabarov believes that this appointment should not change anything in Russian-Japanese relations.

The Japanese have a fairly even policy towards our country. They constantly express their readiness for cooperation, but everything rests on the notorious issue related to the northern territories., - Dzhabarov told

The senator stressed that Russia is ready to negotiate with Japan and to conclude a full-scale peace treaty "without any conditions of excessive order for the development of the Kuril Islands" and for the implementation of joint projects.

As wrote, Yoshihide Suga replaced Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as chairman of the country's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Yoshihide Suga was elected chairman of the party as a result of the congress of representatives of the Liberal Democrats, which took place on September 14. Most of the people at the congress supported the candidacy of the current Secretary General of the Cabinet. It is planned that the confirmation of Sugi as the new prime minister will take place on Wednesday, September 16.

The current prime minister Shinzo Abe announced his intention to step down at the end of August. He set the record for the longest tenure as head of government in the entire history of Japan (2799 days since the start of the second prime minister's term).

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