Sep 10, 2022
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“Selective mats”: Maria Shukshina criticized Klava Koku

Last week, Klava Koka performed at the Knowledge Day in Vladivostok. After that, the singer was criticized – her songs seemed inappropriate to many. In front of schoolchildren and the mayor of the city, Klava performed her compositions “Drunk home” and “I’m f*cked.” After that, it became known that the artist would be checked under the articles “Petty hooliganism” and “Violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion.”

"Selective mats": Maria Shukshina criticized Klava Koku

Expressed its traditional “fi” and Maria Shukshina.

"Selective mats": Maria Shukshina criticized Klava Koku

“The central square, on the right, 100 meters away, is the city administration, on which the flag of the Russian Federation proudly flies. On the left, right on the square itself, there is an Orthodox church, decorating the city with its golden domes and crosses. And how painful it is to hear the words of the song performed by the singer – selected mats of the song are heard by all teenagers, children, adults who came to the concert dedicated to the day of knowledge,” Shukshina said.

In this regard, there are questions to the organizers of the event. Haven’t they heard Koki’s songs before?

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