Oct 24, 2021
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Security Council of Armenia: “There will be no Zangezur corridor”

To start demarcation of borders, a mirror withdrawal of troops is required

Armenia continues to insist on the delimitation and demarcation of the state border with Azerbaijan, but on one condition: first, it is necessary to carry out a mirror withdrawal of troops; without this, it is impossible to start demarcation of the border.

“Work on demarcation and delimitation of the border should proceed according to the following logic: a mirror withdrawal of troops will be carried out, Armenian and Azerbaijani border guards will be deployed along the entire border, and Russian border guards will be able to play a role in ensuring stability. And in such conditions, we will begin the process of delimitation and demarcation “,

– quotes the secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan Armenian online edition VERELK

In his opinion, the process of unblocking communications has nothing to do with border demarcation, these processes do not depend on each other and both are important in their own way. The secretary of the Security Council assumes that the unblocking of communications will begin with cargo transportation, and if everything goes smoothly and with a minimum of problems, then it will be possible to talk about unblocking the borders.

At the same time, Armen Grigoryan drew attention to the public statements of Azerbaijani politicians and officials on the creation of the “Zangezur Corridor”, stressing that such an issue was not discussed at the meetings of the trilateral working group, there is no mention of this “corridor” in trilateral statements.

“We have never discussed, do not discuss and do not intend to discuss the issue of providing the corridor. The working group was formed to prepare issues of unblocking economic communications. Such statements by Azerbaijan go beyond all agreements. These statements cannot be implemented, since there are no agreements on this issue, “

– he declared.

Grigoryan explained: unlike the Zangezur corridor, the Lachin corridor is being discussed, since its creation is enshrined in all documents.

However, there is currently no talk of any mirror withdrawal of troops from the border, on the contrary, the Azerbaijani military, who crossed the state border of Armenia in the Gegharkuni region on May 12, apparently are not going to leave and have already prepared for the winter – they have built shelters, made large stocks of firewood, equipped access routes to their positions. Construction work continues, and the number of military personnel is gradually increasing.

“We are talking about the illegal deployment of Azerbaijani servicemen on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia and their criminal actions. They are physically present precisely on those land plots that belong to the citizens of Armenia on the rights approved by legal documents. The servicemen who are in these positions have also committed many thefts of livestock belonging to civilians, ”

– reads the next statement of the Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan

However, the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia assures – the issue of withdrawing the Azerbaijani military from the territory of Armenia “Is on the agenda of the authorities”, and Yerevan raises this issue “On all kinds of sites”

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