May 7, 2022
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Secrets of “special operation Z”: Why “Caliber” fly around the best military plant in Ukraine?

In the photo: view of the Motor Sich plant in Zaporozhye

In the photo: a view of the Motor Sich plant in Zaporozhye (Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS)

In the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, Kyiv launched a countdown to the alleged destruction of the Crimean bridge. How? How? Where? The organizers of the informational undertaking do not explain anything like that. Just a digital clock ticking against the background of a picture with the inscription “The Crimean bridge will fall.” Time “H” – May 9th. That is, on Victory Day.

No one, anywhere, certainly doubts that nothing like this will happen on May 9th. And much later? Everything is more complicated here.

Yes, we protect this strategic bridge for Russia from all directions almost on a par with the Kremlin. Yes, in Ukraine today there is absolutely nothing in its arsenal that, at least theoretically, would allow at least to dream of at least scratching this “road of life” for the sunny peninsula. But exactly the same way, for example, I don’t doubt for a second that Kyiv and its foreign sponsors are also working right today and with full effort to make such a threat to us a reality. May it not be May 9th. Let at least sometime.

And in this context, I would pay close attention to such a message from Turkey. At the very end of April, important news came from there, from the Baykar company, which produces Bayraktar TB2 drones that have become famous all over the world after the war for Nagorno-Karabakh. The developers of this weapon reported that they were able to go far in creating a much heavier and much more powerful Akinci high-altitude long-range reconnaissance and strike UAV than the Bayraktar TB2 in combat. A week ago, with its help, the Turks for the first time from a height of 6 kilometers and with the help of laser target designation successfully attacked a sea target with an air bomb.

Now what is this most advanced Turkish UAV Akinci?

Designed for air strikes against ground targets deep behind enemy lines. And also for conducting operational-strategic air reconnaissance. Including radio engineering.

The practical flight ceiling of the apparatus is 40,000 feet (approximately 12,200 meters). At the same time, the drone can stay in the air for up to 24 hours and simultaneously move at a cruising speed of 240 kilometers per hour (maximum speed is 463 kilometers per hour). Overcoming, thus, over 5000 kilometers for each flight.

Compared to the Bayraktar TB2, the heavy Akıncı has much broader capabilities and solves a much wider range of tasks. In particular, it has a maximum takeoff weight of 6,000 kilograms, versus 700 kilograms for the Bayraktar TB2. The maximum load is 1500 kilograms versus 150 kilograms. That is, exactly ten times more. To do this, the wingspan of this flying monster is greater than even that of the American multi-role fighter such as the F-16. Approximately 20 meters.

In general, Bayraktar Akinci is comparable in size to the American reconnaissance and strike UAV MQ-9 Reaper (“Reaper”). The weapon can be carried under the wings on eight points of external suspension. Its arsenal includes Mk-81, Mk-82, Mk-83 free-fall bombs, including those converted into precision-guided weapons (JDAM), and MAM-L and MAM-C small-sized guided bombs, which are the main armament for the Bayraktar drone TV2. In addition to them – 70-mm laser-guided CIRIT missiles, as well as air-based L-UMTAS ATGMs with a launch range of 8 kilometers. And for self-defense – short-range air-to-air missiles Bozdoğan with infrared homing and Gökdoğan with active radar homing.

But the main threat for us is that this winged robot can serve as a starting point for an air-launched cruise missile. So far – the Turkish SOM (tour. Stand-off Mühimmat Seyir Füzesi) with a flight range of up to 275 kilometers, designed to arm F-35 fighters.

And there, who knows? After all, according to the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey Nihata Ergun, his country is about to roll out a cruise missile, with a target destruction zone of up to 500 kilometers. Will they also hang her under Bayraktar Akinci?

And finally, the main thing for Russia. From the very beginning, Ankara proceeded shoulder to shoulder with Kyiv to create this drone. The best Ukrainian engineers have been actively participating in the design work under this program for several years now. As a result: Ukrainian AI-450T engines are the basis of the Bayraktar Akinci power plant. This is in the reconnaissance version. And in the shock – MS-500 engines of the same nationality. Both those and other units are produced by the world-famous Zaporozhye company Motor Sich.

Naturally, the payment for Ukrainian participation in the creation of Bayraktar Akinci involves the delivery of these rather formidable machines primarily to Kyiv. It is unlikely that just like that, in early December 2021, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Vasily Bodnar posted on his Twitter account a layout of Bayraktar Akinci with “tridents” on the wings and a significant caption: “For now, the layout, but I hope it will become a reality soon.”

And now, as one popular TV show said: “Attention is a question.” Why hasn’t Russia, whose troops are today only a few dozen kilometers from Zaporozhye, smashed this huge plant brick by brick? I will add: as before, without any pity, in the course of the decisive demilitarization of Ukraine, we acted with almost all other giants of its military-industrial complex. Such as the Kharkov Instrument-Making Plant named after ShevchenkoZhytomyr Armored Plant, Lviv State Aviation Repair Plant, Ukrainian Energy Machines Plant (Turboatom), Nikolaev State Research and Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt and others.

All of them, I repeat, are already in ruins. And practically the only effectively functioning machine-building facility in Ukraine – Motor Sich – continues to work as if nothing had happened. Including the Turks, whose Bayraktar Akinci is about to become a direct threat to the Crimean bridge, the Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet. At the same time – a lot of completely land objects in the deep rear of Russia.

Of course, we are not allowed to look into the safes of the operators of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, who in deep secrecy develop the sequence and time of strikes on the territory of Ukraine with high-precision cruise missiles. But I would venture to make certain assumptions.

I believe that there is our tacit agreement with China regarding the amazing survivability of Motor Sich. Well, it’s just that Beijing, most likely, in a partnership asked Moscow, if possible, to refrain from causing damage to this particular enterprise. Because in fact, the Chinese have long and rightfully considered the Zaporizhzhya engine-building superfactory to be theirs. Although temporarily brazenly stolen by Kyiv at the behest of the Americans.

Let me briefly recall this amazing and at the same time absolutely unscrupulous military-commercial saga in relation to China.

In 2016, a number of companies associated with the Chinese Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investmen actually bought out a controlling stake in Motor Sich, which by that time had lost the Russian market. And at the same time, on very favorable terms, he concluded a loan agreement with Kyiv for $100 million.

During 2019, Motor Sich exported 45 AI-322 and 22 AI-25TLK turbojet engines to China for a total amount of about $98 million. The AI-322 importer was AVIC International Holding Corp. (39F, AVIC Center, Huafu Road 1018, Futian District, Shenzhen). Components for AI-222K-25 and AI-322 aircraft engines were also supplied.

According to the Kyiv press, in the summer of 2019, the Chinese indirectly actually controlled about 75 percent of the shares of the Zaporozhye enterprise. All this was terribly disliked by the Americans, who were sure that the receipt by the Chinese of new technologies from Ukraine would allow them to dramatically move forward their own rocket-building program. Little of. Through Beijing, they were sure in the USA, Iran is capable of falling to the same life-giving technological source.

Therefore, in August 2019, specifically for the destruction of the Ukrainian-Chinese deal around Motor Sich, Kyiv was visited by the then adviser to the President of the United States John Bolton. The meaning of his meeting is already with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was like this: “Vlad, do whatever you want, but there would be no Chinese in Zaporozhye.” This was written by the American edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Instantly, the Security Service of Ukraine became extremely interested in the agreement with the Chinese. She began to investigate this case on the fact of violation of Article 113 “Sabotage” of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Then the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kyiv intervened in this story, which arrested part of the shares.

Finally, in March 2021, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine decided to show Beijing a fig, not dollars. And without any compensation, he returned Motor Sich to the state ownership of his country. The Chinese, rightly offended by this undisguised robbery, initiated a $3.5 billion investment dispute against Kyiv and hired a number of international law firms.

However, such trials, as experience shows, are a long process, not for one year. And here is such a case: Russian troops are almost at the very walls of Zaporozhye!

What do you think: what will Motor Sich become if Russia soon takes control of this city and at the same time manages not to touch its main enterprise with a finger? Moreover, if the retreating Ukrainian military themselves do not wipe it into dust with explosive charges according to the principle “So don’t get you to anyone!”?

Surely in Moscow, with such a happy development of events, they will remember our strategic partners from China in a timely manner. And they will definitely restore justice much faster than the various arbitration courts there. To mutual benefit not only for our two countries, but also for Ukraine liberated from the Nazis.

From the dossier “SP”

In the fall of 2020, Turkey already wished to become the owner of Motor Sich instead of the robbed Chinese. A few months later, in April 2021, President Zelensky announced that he had a favorable response to Ankara ready. Probably coordinated with the USA.

According to the Kyiv press, Zelensky offered Turkey “about 50% of Motor Sich’s shares.” According to Kyiv, this enterprise should be interesting for Turkish investors, since it produces aircraft engines for Turkish drones.

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