Jan 7, 2021
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Secrets of a classic breakfast. 7 mistakes we make when making scrambled eggs

Secrets of a classic breakfast.  7 mistakes we make when making scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are a simple dish that even those who do not have great culinary skills can cook. This is one of the easiest dishes to be served with breakfast.

However, many of us prepare it incorrectly. Most people fry their eggs until they are hard. A properly cooked gossip should have a tender and slightly damp consistency!

We have prepared for you a list of the most common mistakes you make when cooking scrambled eggs. If you avoid them, the dish will turn out to be more delicious and airy.

You chose the wrong pan

Choose a medium sized skillet. It is best to take a cast iron container with a thick bottom. Then the instant dish will not have time to burn.

You add milk instead of cream

It is undesirable to add milk instead of cream, as the chatterbox will turn out to be watery. It is the fat in the cream that helps to retain moisture in the proteins.
To enhance the taste, it is advisable to add extra yolk to the fried eggs. The longer and more thoroughly you mix the eggs and cream with a whisk or fork, the tastier the scrambled eggs will be. It is best to stir the eggs right before cooking.

You break eggs right into the frying pan

It is best to use a knife. The shell should crack, and the pieces should not get into the eggs. And the yolk should be left intact.

You cook over high heat

Never cook scrambled eggs over high heat. Go to low heat, although this may take longer. This way you reduce the risk of egg browning and browning. You will have more time to control the cooking process.

You don’t know how much to cook eggs

Scrambled eggs cook very quickly. When the eggs are still wet, remove them from the heat and let sit for a while. They will come out under the influence of the residual heat in the pan.

You use old eggs

Choose eggs that are not yet a week old. Take fresh ones that haven’t been in the fridge for long. Homemade eggs will make the most airy and light omelet.

You salt at the wrong time

Season the dish when the mixture begins to harden. Save these cooking tips for the ultimate scrambled eggs next time.

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