Nov 21, 2021
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Second round of presidential elections kicks off in Bulgaria

The second round of presidential elections began in Bulgaria on Sunday. More than 13 thousand polling stations have opened in the country, another 750 polling stations will operate in 68 countries of the world, TASS specifies.

The voting ballots contain two names: the incumbent president of the republic, Rumen Radev, whose nomination was secured by the initiative committee with the support of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, and the rector of Sofia University Anastas Gerdzhikov, who was also nominated by the initiative committee with the participation of the former ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria.

Recall that in the first round of elections, Radev received 49.41% of votes, and Gerdzhikov – 22.82%. To win the second round, one of them only needs to get the largest number of votes.

About four thousand observers will follow the electoral process. The unofficial results of the voting will become known after the completion of the work of the polling stations at 20:00 (21:00 Moscow time).

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