Oct 13, 2020
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Scott Waring: statues that resemble Egyptian Sphinxes discovered on Mars

Many amazing finds on Mars were made thanks to images from satellites and rovers, and the nature of some unknown objects still arouses genuine interest among scientists and ufologists. There is a hypothesis that the Red Planet either had a highly developed civilization in the past, or it still exists.

Some of the unusual sculptures, objects and UFOs in photographs from Mars may be an ordinary illusion, even supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations admit it, but some others may indicate the civilization of Mars, which may live under the surface of the Red Planet.

Recently, a famous ufologist named Scott Waring made another statement regarding the discovered statues on Mars. which are very similar to the buildings in Egypt, built in the past, but preserved to this day. This is not the first time Waring claims that official NASA scientists are not only aware of intelligent beings on Mars. but they also carefully hide it. To prove his words, he showed a new anomaly, which was discovered as a result of studying the images.

The ufologist noted that all the photos were taken using the Curiosity rover, so their authenticity is beyond doubt. However, he did not specify the date of these photos. In the photo, according to him, you can see the statues, which in their appearance resemble the Egyptian sphinxes .. Some of the statues exceed a height of one and a half meters, and the height of others is only about 10 cm, the ufologist notes.

Scott also stated that aliens from Mars not only periodically abduct people for their experiments, but they also have their own religion and deities that they worship.There is a possibility that these gods could be other alien civilizations that visit Mars.

NASA almost instantly commented on Waring's accusations of hiding the truth. Experts said that all information from the ufologist is false, because they don't know anything about the statues on the Red Planet.

Experts said that Scott Waring succumbed to such an effect as "pareidolia", when people see in ordinary things what they want to see, and not what it really is. At the same time, the ufologist himself is sure that he is completely healthy. It is difficult to assert something and accept either side of the conflict, but I want to believe that we are not alone in the Universe!

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