May 20, 2020
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Scientists told which foods accelerate body aging.

Scientists told how to fight aging with nutrition / Citterio

A group of scientists from the University of Navarra (Spain) has completed the list of products that seriously accelerate the aging of human organisms.

The local newspaper La Vanguardia has published a message. Researchers believe that eating foods with a high degree of processing speeds up the aging of body cells. First of all, these are bakery products and snacks, carbonated drinks, various desserts, corn flakes with sugar, semi-finished products, as well as restored meat products.

All the above products are extremely high in preservatives, dyes, sugar, fat and salt. At the same time, they have an acute shortage of vitamins and fiber.

Read also Named products that reduce mental abilities In a research project by Spanish scientists it is stated unequivocally - the use of such products "cuts off" the final sections of the chromosomes (the so-called telomeres). They usually become shorter in older people (due to completely natural processes in the body) of people. Nevertheless, products that underwent a high degree of processing greatly accelerate this process.

In total, Spanish scientists conducted an experiment involving 886 person aged 05 to 91 of the year. For a long time they carefully studied the relationship between how the volunteers ate and the length of their telomeres. In the end, it turned out that people who consume more than three servings of food with a high degree of processing per day shorten their telomeres by half.

Recall , earlier experts in the field of nutrition from the UK called the product that you need to eat every day - natural yogurt. This dairy product has many healing effects, plus it contributes to longevity.

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