Oct 15, 2020
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Scientists talk about the benefits of transparent shields from COVID-19 – Izvestia

The Israeli Institute for Biological Research concluded that
to protect against small particles, commensurate in size with COVID-19, it is more effective to use face shields, rather than masks, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

It is noted that we are talking about high shields with curved edges, which do not allow viral particles to penetrate from the side. It is emphasized that a small gap will allow you to bypass the protection.

Oleg Batishchev, Associate Professor of the Department of Biophysics at MIPT, explained that this is due to the fact that the pore size in the material of the medical mask is larger than the size of the virus. The expert recalled that it is recommended to change the medical mask every two hours, since particles deposited on the product will penetrate through it.

He stressed that face screens do not have pores, so the likelihood that the virus will penetrate under the flap is small. At the same time, Batishchev noted that the screen needs to be disinfected.

Earlier, physician Larisa Alekseeva called an incorrectly used mask the most dangerous item used during a pandemic. She recalled that it is necessary to wear masks for no more than two hours, carefully remove them without touching the face, and also dispose of them in an airtight bag.

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