Jan 29, 2021
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Scientists Says Vitamin K Deficiency Causes Complications In COVID

Researchers from the Netherlands and Belgium believe that a lack of vitamin K can cause complications in coronavirus, in particular, it is about damage to blood vessels, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

They explained that the activity of the MGP protein depends on this nutrient, which protects elastic fibers in the skin, lungs and blood vessels from destruction.

It is noted that when an infection enters the body, the walls of the blood vessels soften. The virus is accompanied by frequent changes in pressure, which, in turn, requires constant “work” from the vessels.

Scientists stressed that damage to blood vessels threatens with a deadly blood clot.

“A large detached blood clot can block the vessel and even lead to sudden death,” they said, adding that in order to link vitamin K deficiency with the pathology of COVID-19, more experiments are needed.

Earlier, scientists from Germany proposed to divide cases of coronavirus infection into five types, depending on the reaction of the immune system.

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