Sep 2, 2021
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Scientists rebelled against Australia’s initiative: "We must let children remain children"

In Australia, three-year-olds wanted to be allowed to choose their gender. Scientists and experts are outraged. “We must let children be children,” said Dr. Bella d’Abrera, a researcher at the Institute for Public Relations.

They want to give children from the age of three to choose their gender on their own. The relevant recommendations were issued by the authorities of the state of New South Wales in Australia, writes the Daily Mail.

State government guidelines say that three-year-olds should be given the choice of which pronoun to call themselves. Besides “he” and “she”, pronouns “it” and “they” are also offered. It is specified that this option is for those who see themselves “outside the binary system of floors”. It’s still about three-year-old children.

The initiative was harshly criticized by scientists and experts. They pointed out that at the age of three, children still have a poor idea of ​​what pronouns are, let alone gender.

We must allow children to be children. They should not be forced to accept the theory that there are more than two sexes, which is scientifically false,

– said a researcher at the Institute of Public Relations, Dr. Bella d’Abrera.

Recall that the system has already started working in Scotland. There, children were allowed to “change sex” from the age of four, depending on their wishes, without the knowledge of their parents. It’s about using pronouns and toilet cubicles that they like.

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