Jun 30, 2020
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Scientists Learn Why Physically Active Mothers Have Healthier Children

Researchers have discovered a substance whose level increases in the milk of physically active women. Apparently, thanks to him, the benefits of the exercises that women do are passed on to their children.

Doctors recommend that women do exercise both during pregnancy and after childbirth. Their versatile effects on the female body are well understood. In a new study, scientists showed how the physical activity of a nursing mother can benefit her baby. Scientific work published in Nature Metabolism,

A moderate level of physical activity in women during pregnancy and after childbirth was associated with an increase in the concentration of 3-sialyllactose oligosaccharide (3СЛ) in their milk. This component can help children reduce their risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease throughout their lives.

3СЛ - a component of human milk, which helps the development of the immune system of newborns, affects the formation of their intestinal microbiota, suppresses some viruses and bacteria.

“Our previous studies have shown that health is better in children whose mothers exercise. We wanted to figure out what this is connected with. We had reason to believe that mother milk plays a leading role, so we decided to focus on its function, ”said Kristin Stanford of the Center for Diabetes and Metabolism at the Center for Diabetes and Metabolism. Ohio State Wexner Medical Center's Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center, lead author of the study.

The authors indicate that this is the first study that demonstrates how the benefits of maternal physical activity are transmitted to children.

The first stage of the study was conducted on laboratory mice. Scientists fed mice born of inactive mothers milk to physically active mice. These mice were as healthy as the children of the mice performing the exercises.

The second stage of the study included 150 pregnant and newly born women. Their physical activity was assessed using special trackers. Scientists conducted a chemical analysis of the milk of all participants. They found that in parallel with increased mobility in women, the concentration of 3СЛ in milk increases.

Scientists indicate that the amount of 3СЛ in milk was not always associated with the intensity of the loads. This means that mild to moderate exercise can be quite beneficial.

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