Jan 29, 2021
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Scientists have named a new effective emergency contraception

IUD and emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is a method of contraception that is used after unprotected intercourse. For her, hormonal drugs are usually used in tablets (ulipristal, levonorgestrel).

The most effective method of emergency contraception is the introduction of a copper-containing intrauterine device (coil). The Princeton University Emergency Protection Resource indicates that the effectiveness of these IUDs is over 99%. Their use is not recommended for inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, acute genital infections. The IUD is a relatively expensive and long-term method of contraception and may not be suitable for every woman.

Hormonal IUDs have been shown to be highly effective

Scientists were the first to evaluate the effectiveness of another method of emergency contraception – intrauterine devices containing the hormone levonorgestrel. They compared how effective the two types of IUDs (copper and hormonal) are.

The new study involved 638 women who applied for emergency contraception at three Utah clinics. Half of them were prescribed copper IUDs, the other hormonal ones.

In the group of hormonal IUDs, pregnancy occurred in 1 woman (0.3%), in the group of copper-containing IUDs, there were no pregnancies. Scientists believe that both types of IUDs have approximately the same effectiveness. These drugs are more effective than oral hormonal drugs (their effectiveness is 1.4-2.6%).

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