Apr 28, 2021
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Scientists have found new links between blood type and the risk of certain diseases

Scientists from the Karolinska Institute used information from the complete database of donors and blood transfusions in Sweden: about 5.1 million people. With its help, they analyzed the relationship between blood groups (according to the AB0 and Rh factor systems) and more than 1200 diseases.

The authors of the study note that it was previously known that people with blood group 0 (I) develop cardiovascular diseases less often than people with groups A (II) and B (III). In their work, they confirmed this and a number of other old data, and also found some new connections.

In total, scientists have found a link between blood groups and 49 diseases. People with blood group A were found to be more at risk for blood clots, and those with blood group 0 – for clotting disorders. Also, women with group 0 are more likely to develop arterial hypertension during pregnancy. The authors clarified that a positive Rh factor (Rh +) is associated with this pathology.

A new discovery by the authors of the study was the correlation between blood groups and the risk of developing kidney stones. In people with group B, the risk of their occurrence is lower compared to carriers of blood of other groups.

Scientists believe that the discovery of a connection between a blood group and certain pathologies is just a link in the chain of studying diseases and combating them.

“Our findings highlight interesting new links between blood type and conditions such as kidney stones and pregnancy hypertension. They provide a basis for further research into the mechanisms of development of these diseases or for the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment, ”said Professor Gustaf Edgren, co-author of the study.

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