Sep 15, 2020
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Scientists from the United States have discovered a drug that neutralizes coronavirus

Experts from the University of Pittsburgh have discovered a protein capable of completely neutralizing the new coronavirus even at the lowest dosage, Cell writes.

It is reported that the drug was discovered by a rapid analysis of 100 billion potential molecules that can come into contact with the S-protein of the coronavirus. According to scientists, we are talking about a protein compound that is 10 times smaller than the full-length antibody used to make the Ab8 drug against COVID-19.

The experts noted that the drug has shown high effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus in mice and hamsters.

Earlier it was reported that the "Vector" center plans to release the first batch of its vaccine against coronavirus in November.

It is specified that this will happen after the registration of the vaccine. According to him, the first released series of the drug will be used for extended clinical trials.

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