Nov 4, 2022
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Schoolboy, dissatisfied with a bad grade, beat the teacher to death with a friend

teacher beaten to deathIt is unlikely that poor grades can cheer up schoolchildren, so Willard Miller was very angry with a Spanish teacher for a low score.

teacher beaten to death

To take revenge on 66-year-old Noheme Graber, a young resident of Fairfield (Iowa, USA) enlisted the support of his friend Jeremy Goodale. The teenagers went to the park, where the teacher liked to take a walk after work. A little later, the body of the unfortunate woman, covered with a tarpaulin, was found in a remote corner of the park. Willard and Jeremy beat the lady to death with baseball bats.

teacher beaten to death

Now the friends, who are now 17 years old, will have to answer for the murder. At first, they generally denied any involvement in the crime. Willard later stated that he allegedly saw how some strangers killed Nohema, but he himself did not take part in the beating. However, the friends forgot that they had already made a big mistake – to brag about their “feat” in social networks. After such evidence, all denials were useless.

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