Apr 5, 2021
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School of Champions. How sports will develop in the Samara region

The document provides for several main areas of joint work: creating conditions for involving citizens in regular physical education and sports, developing sports infrastructure and strengthening the material and technical base of sports facilities, organizing and conducting sports events, developing the TRP movement, as well as providing the industry of physical culture and sports by professional coaching staff.

Key partner

A powerful impetus to this work is given by the implementation of the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”, initiated by President of the country Vladimir Putin.

“The Samara region is one of our key partners in the development of physical culture and sports. We know how much attention the regional authorities pay to the construction of sports infrastructure, holding major competitions, training athletes and the nearest reserve. We hope that our cooperation will contribute to the creation of more comfortable conditions for sports in the field, the development of mass sports for children and youth and sports of the highest achievements. The main thing is that our citizens are healthy and like to go in for sports “, – emphasized Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin

Much has already been done in the Samara region in these areas. For example, only last year, according to the national project, 2 large sports facilities were commissioned: an indoor skating rink with artificial ice in Pokhvistnevo and a sports complex “Tramp” in Togliatti. The football field of the Salyut stadium in Samara was modernized. Completed work on the construction of 23 universal sports grounds, the creation of 5 sports grounds for testing centers for RLD, as well as an open-type sports and recreation complex in the regional capital. Also, 2 sports schools of the Olympic reserve received new equipment and equipment.

Government of the Samara region

Immediate prospects

The plans for this year include the completion of the construction of an athletics arena in Togliatti and the reconstruction of the Sports Palace in Samara, the modernization of the Orbita stadium in Samara, the construction of 2 open-type sports and recreation centers, new universal sports grounds and GTO grounds, the beginning of the construction of a roller ski track at the Chaika SC in Samara

“Sports of the highest achievements is always a showcase of a huge amount of work on the development of mass sports, children’s sports, and the formation of a healthy lifestyle. This is what the main efforts of the ministry and the regional government are aimed at, and the agreement that we signed today with the minister of sports is dedicated to these tasks. First of all, it is aimed at achieving the goals of the national project “Demography” and the federal project “Sport is the norm of life”, – said Dmitry Azarov, talking about the agreement. The head of the region noted that residents of cities and villages of the Samara region are already seeing the results of the implementation of the national project and are actively using the newly built sports infrastructure.

High performance sport

It is equally important to create conditions for the development of high-performance sports. Systematic work is also being carried out in this area. Thanks to the active position of the governor, agreements have already been reached on the creation of new centers of specialized training in the region – in boxing and table tennis.

“It is very important that thanks to mass sports new stars, our champions, are lit up. The Samara region makes a noticeable contribution to the sport of the country’s highest achievements in many sports – rowing, martial arts, fencing, modern pentathlon, and many others. We are proud of our athletes, and they respond to our requests to promote a healthy lifestyle and involve the smallest citizens of the country in sports. This continuous cycle should always work. New stars will light up, who, by their example, by their achievements, will attract people to sports. This is how we will achieve the indicators that are determined by the national project, ”said Dmitry Azarov.

In addition, during the meeting, the Governor introduced to the head of the department Minister of Sports of the Samara Region Sergei Kobylyansky… The parties discussed how the interaction between the federal and regional ministries of sports will be built. As Sergei Kobylyansky emphasized, training of personnel in the field of physical culture and sports will become an important area of ​​work of the regional ministry.

“Sergei Vyacheslavovich is already establishing very good contact with his colleagues here, at the federal level. Oleg Vasilyevich promised all possible assistance in the directions of the ministry’s activities, ”the governor summed up.

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