Jan 25, 2021
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Scarecrow won a special prize at the Norwegian International Film Festival

15:21, 25.01.2021

The premiere of the picture will take place on February 18, 2021.

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The film “Scarecrow” by the Yakut director Dmitry Davydov won the “Faith in Cinema” award at the Norwegian Film Festival. The film will premiere on February 18 this year. It is worth noting that this is Davydov’s third directorial work after the films “Fire in the Wind” and “There is no God but me.” As in Davydov’s previous films, the drama was shot in his native village in the Amginsky ulus, and fellow villagers became the actors. The main role in the picture was played by an ethnic singer Valentine Romanova-Chyskyyrai

“Scarecrow” is a mystical drama about a Yakut healer who leads a secluded life. Locals dislike her and avoid her, and at night they come for help. Each time she promises that she will no longer help them, but seeing another one in need on the threshold, she cannot keep her promise. She knows that the gift sent to her from above will someday destroy her, but she cannot stop helping others.

Shot from the movie “Scarecrow”

Let us remind you that last September the film was recognized as the best film at the Kinotavr festival, where for the first time the main prize went to a Yakut film. In the main competition, 13 paintings were presented. The mystical drama “The Scarecrow” by Dmitry Davydov became a real sensation. A painting about a healer and a hermit in a rural wilderness won the Grand Prix of the festival. In addition, Davydov was awarded the Daniil Dondurei Guild of Historians and Film Critics Award for this film. Actress Valentina Romanova-Chyskyyrai, who played the main role, received a statuette in the nomination “Best Actress”.

The prize for the best actor with the wording “For the magic of honesty and naturalness” went to Vladimir Onokhov for the film “Whaler“. Debutant director Philip Yuriev, who shot this picture, received a diploma from the Guild of Cinema Experts. He also received the award for the best directing. For the best cinematography Nikolay Zheludovichwho worked on the film “ThreeAnna Melikyan… The special diploma of the jury of the main competition “Kinotavr” with the wording “For humor, civil courage and love for the audience” went to the film “Deeper!” Mikhail Segal. The best debut prize was awarded Anastasia Palchikova for the film “Masha“.

Dmitry Davydov

Note that the open Russian film festival “Kinotavr” was supposed to take place in June last year in the traditional city of Sochi. However, the coronavirus pandemic intervened in the plans. On April 16, Kinotavr officials announced that the festival would not be able to take place on the announced dates due to restrictions on mass events. The organizers assured that the film event will take place in the fall and, contrary to fears, it was not necessary to make Kinotavr online.

We add that last year the festival became interesting not only for unique films, but new novels among the actors. Ekaterina Varnava and Alexander Molochnikov announced their relationship. Rezo Gigineishvili, who also became a bachelor a month ago, brought out his new lover, who turned out to be very similar to his ex-wife Nadezhda Obolentseva. Mikhail Efremov’s niece Olga appeared at Kinotavr in the company of Nika Belotserkovskaya’s ex-husband Boris Belotserkovsky.

Shot from the Kinotavr festival

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