Aug 14, 2020
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Scammers cheated sports director and basketball player of CSKA for a large sum

Two messages with a request to send money were sent via WatsApp by an unknown attacker to the sports director of the CSKA basketball team Andrey Schepankov and army player Semyon Antonov. Life was told about this by a source familiar with the situation.

The author of the post introduced himself as the physiotherapist of the team and even inserted his photo into the messenger. As a result, the sports director Shchepankov responded to the request of, as it seemed to him then, a familiar person and loaned him 75 thousand rubles in May.

But the basketball player was more circumspect. Antonov tried to call back to the number from which the message came, but never received an answer. Later, in July, the athlete received a new message with a request to borrow 50 thousand rubles. This time, the basketball player decided to send money, but the transfer was blocked.

As Life reported earlier, scammers stole 3.5 million rubles from an elderly couple from St. Petersburg. Moreover, in order to get as much money as possible, they called them at the same time.

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