Feb 16, 2021
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SBU Lieutenant Colonel Vlad Mulyk: We know who ordered the execution of the Maidan

Events of 2014: Revolution or Coup? Does Zelensky know who ordered the shooting on the Maidan? Who shot down a Boeing over Donbass and where did the dispatcher who was flying the plane go? About the secret prisons of the SBU after the Maidan and not only!

The secret services knew about the preparation of radicals for a coup, but did Yanukovych give a damn?

“We knew and wrote documents for the first person. Only I wrote documents about youth organizations, about the availability of warehouses with Molotov cocktails, weapons, and so on. Then in Volyn in pioneer camps, their training took place. We all knew about it. And when first Yushchenko and then Yanukovych refused to put signatures and reviews on my documents, when they began to be returned unaccounted for, it became already clear: the power bloc that deals with state issues does not exist. It was in 2011, 2012 and 2013. ”

Yanukovych Sold Homeland?

“Yanukovych sold his homeland and all of us together in October 2011, when together with Tigipko they carried out a pension reform … What happened? The President and the Prime Minister by Western order simply multiplied everyone [на ноль] – and the police, and the security service, and the military ministry of defense – all their security officials and defenders … What happened? Yanukovych and Tigipko took away from the military “a year and a half”, they took away preferential pensions … Even then there were documents that [после такого предательства] the siloviki will not go to defend the country from an external threat, and a lot was written about them then … In October 2011, I had four months left before retirement. But I am still not retired and will never retire. “

Security services warned Yanukovych about the impending war at the request of the West?

“There haven’t been deaths yet, we haven’t fired guns yet, we haven’t jammed anyone from tanks, planes didn’t fly or bomb, but we had already written documents [с предупреждением]: by [нашей] information, the task is: “For blood to be shed, [её] there was a maximum, a lot; so that any child, if asked about his father in Lvov, would answer: “The Russians killed him.” And any person in the Donbass or in the same Russia answered: “My father was killed in Donbass by Ukrainians.” I wrote this in 2014 in the winter – before the start of all the events … Until they understand in Crimea, Kiev and Donbass that there are those interested in their struggle – be ready to die for other people’s interests. Know that you will be deceived and this war will never end. “

Does Zelensky know who ordered the shooting on the Maidan?

“I’ll tell you from my side. Why isn’t it voiced? Because it is like death. As soon as a person speaks and gives evidence, they will immediately kill you if they are valid. And you can simply voice anything, and then run into such courts that you will not be allowed to travel abroad not just from your country, but from your home. Avakov knows who shot. But Zelensky does not know – he will never be told. “

About the secret prisons of the SBU after the Maidan:

“It originally started during the fighting. It always starts that way. Neither the SBU, nor Poroshenko and his friends came up with anything new. This is a common standard practice – filtering. And if there is filtration, then in a separate gathering there is a purification, and in fact – the destruction of ideologically dissent, on other grounds, and so on … Who was the first to suffer? Some local deputies who owned something. They were killed, buried there, and so on. It was all and this was not all [конца]”.

Who shot down the Boeing over Donbass and where did the dispatcher who was flying the plane go?

“We understand who shot down. But society will always be told that these are Russians … Where did the dispatcher who flew the plane over the Donbas go? Kingdom [ему] heavenly “.

Scandalous site “Peacemaker”. Who is the organizer and who is the performer?

“These are external instructions by the hands of internal idiots. All orders come from abroad – from a foreign center: an order for such things, the traffic provided by them, sites, servers, bases. Performers are two categories of people who smoothly flow into one another. They are absolutely beggars, poor, foolish fools who do all this and receive a salary, money for it. And when they get overwhelmed, they understand that there is nowhere to retreat. And one more category of people – who got dirty before, having seized power and understand that without this they have nowhere to go … This site travels all over the world; difficult to catch to destroy. Technically, this is all a mobile thing … But the performers do not understand that they will be destroyed first – like with the Buk, like with snipers, like with a hundred. Because of the snipers, only foreign special services remained, who came and flew away. Ours, who were next to them, are no longer there. The same will happen with those who suddenly emerge into the light of day – they will die from different things. “

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