Jun 12, 2022
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SBU generals flee abroad: Bentley and suitcases with currency

SBU generals flee abroad: Bentley and suitcases with currency

Photo: AP Photo/Bojan Slavkovic/TASS

In Serbia, the former head of the Main Directorate of Internal Security of the SBU was detained for smuggling currency and precious stones Andrey Naumov. The one who escaped from Ukraine shortly before the start of the Russian special operation, for which he was accused of treason and stripped of the rank of general.

According to the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Naumov and the German citizen accompanying him Alexander Akst tried to leave the country to neighboring Macedonia through the Peshevo checkpoint. But during the inspection of their BMW car, the border guards found undeclared currency – 607 thousand euros and 124 thousand dollars, as well as two large emeralds. The cash, according to local media, was hidden in the first-aid kit, trash bags, children’s toys, in the passenger compartment and in the trunk.

Now the men are in the detention center in the city of Nis. They are charged with illegal circulation of valuable tangible assets, for which Serbia provides for punishment of up to 12 years in prison.

Naumov, according to Ukrainian media, left the “square” on February 23, a day before the start of the Russian special military operation. And on April 1, the President Zelensky announced the deprivation of him, as well as the former head of the SBU Department in the Kherson region who fled with him Sergei Krivoruchko, general ranks. Calling both “anti-heroes” and “traitors”, who – the time will come – “will receive punishment.”

Meanwhile, a well-known Ukrainian blogger made an interesting clarification to this story. Anatoly Shariy. According to him, it turned out that those whom Zelensky called “traitors” left the country in the company of the current head of the SBU Ivan Bakanovwho, among other things, is a longtime friend of the president himself. Moreover, Naumov and Bakanov even rented one apartment in Germany.

Bakanov, however, was not punished. And the very fact of his “European vacation” was carefully concealed.

Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva generally claims that Zelensky, Bakanov and Naumov are one “gang-watering can”. He calls the latter the “purse” of the president.

In the Telegram channel, Kiva writes that the head of the SBU and his (now former) deputy took $2 billion out of the country. Moreover, a month ago, Bakanov returned to Kyiv, and Naumov allegedly remained in Europe, where all this time he was buying up real estate in different countries.

In fact, despite the non-publicity of the former General Naumov (it is impossible to find a biography in open sources), it is hardly possible to call him a model of decency. For a long time in his homeland, he has been the subject of a number of journalistic investigations, including smuggling imports and corruption schemes at customs, as well as the acquisition of elite property that is not comparable to the official income of a civil servant.

By the way, before heading one of the most secret units of the SBU – the appointment took place in October 2020, at the same time Zelensky, by his decree, awarded Naumov the rank of brigadier general, as required by NATO standards – he managed to work for 12 years in the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine and lead the State Agency for the management of the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

The management of the state enterprise, according to local seekers of compromising evidence, ended with an investigation into the fact of “abuse of official powers” – there was a suspicion that the funds allocated for construction work were going the wrong way. But Naumov somehow managed to change his field of activity in time, joining the team of the newly appointed head of the SBU Bakanov.

However, Naumov’s flexible moral principles are quite traditional for the Ukrainian elite today. There are thousands of them. It’s another matter that some have already provided themselves with a “safety cushion” in the West (Zelensky himself and his entire gop company from the President’s Office are among them), while others continue to strengthen their personal well-being in the process, under Zelensky’s pathetic speeches about victories. .

Advisor to the head of Naftogaz Oleg Didenkofor example, the other day he pleased himself with a brand new Bentley for half a million dollars, although Gelandewagen, bought a year ago for 300,000 greenbacks, was already in the garage.

It is reported that Didenko is no longer an adviser – he has been fired. So it will be replaced by the same. And this one on his Bentley will drive off somewhere to Europe …

But we, of course, would like to know how Serbia will deal with the demoted smuggler general. Since he is, as they say, a storehouse of secret knowledge that could be of interest to our special services …

For comments, “SP” turned to Head of the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society “People’s Diplomacy”, political scientist Alexei Kochetkov:

“I don’t really understand why Serbia should extradite the Ukrainian general to us. I just don’t see any legal reason for it. After all, Serbia is a constitutional state. Now, if this Naumov was put on the international wanted list by Russia, and so, what does he have to do with us …

Moreover, he escaped on February 23rd. It turns out that it is impossible to accuse him of any crimes against servicemen in captivity. Again, Serbia continues to discuss the issue of joining the EU. Therefore, they are more likely to return him to Ukraine, or he will land in Serbia.

Although, perhaps, he will somehow agree with them – how Ostap Bender with the Romanian border guards – and will exchange freedom for a “bronze gun”. But he definitely won’t get into the Russian Federation, because there are absolutely no grounds for this.

But the Serbs can invite one of our representatives so that, relatively speaking, Russian specialists explain to their colleagues some subtleties that they may not take into account during the investigation of the smuggling case.

“SP”: – And can this situation – with the flight of a diverse Ukrainian elite from the country, who has already managed to accumulate considerable fortunes by “works of the righteous” – become a model, so to speak?

– Let me remind you that back in February, before the start of open hostilities, various charters and private planes began to take off from Boryspil. In a matter of days – more than two dozen. There is no panic in Kyiv, just a hysteria has begun – the “elite” is running away.

Because some of them returned, some did not. But the fact that a significant part of the Ukrainian “high society”, and even the middle class left the country in the first days of hostilities, is a fact. By the way, the Web is full of videos about how “unfortunate Ukrainian refugees” with Odessa, Lviv and Kyiv license plates drive around Europe in luxurious luxury cars, where they are also paid benefits.

Yes, the elite ran, and the Ukrainian state is bursting at the seams, falling apart.

I do not have information on how close Naumov is to the President of Ukraine, and whether it makes sense for Zelensky to give such sensitive instructions to just such people. But, probably, everything can be tolerated when it comes to Ukraine.

This is far from the first case. Remember, on the border with Hungary, the wife of some high-ranking official was detained, who had several suitcases with undeclared currency, about 30 million dollars in total.

Now in Ukraine everything is working in the “save yourself who can” mode. And everyone is dragging everything that is badly lying across the border. They are trying to secure their secure future.

That is, on the one hand, they leave part of the population for slaughter, and in parallel with this, they finally pull the country apart. They take state property abroad, knowing full well that the days of Ukraine, in fact, are numbered.

SP: How can this behavior be explained?

– The fact that the Ukrainian elite behaves in this way is quite natural.

This is the norm in a society where everything is built on lies, betrayal and manipulation, where the president speaks some kind of nonsense that has nothing to do with reality, where the “talking head” of the OP admits that our victory lies in this destructive reality etc. Because in it, whatever it may be, morality is completely absent. I mean the society that is usually called “higher”. Such behavior in it is quite a natural result.

As the saying goes, “what are themselves, such a sleigh.”

You see, it did not start yesterday, but twenty years ago. Each official, taking up a position, began to prepare for the fact that sooner or later he would have to be somewhere abroad. This is, in general, the dream of the victorious “revolution of fitness” – to go to the West and, preferably, not light. The main slogan of the Maidan was “Give, visa-free!”

If this is the mood of the bulk of the population, then why are officials worse?

Therefore, when they received some significant position, they immediately began to save money in order to withdraw later, quietly buying up real estate. Prepare yourself, so to speak, sites for moving.

I think that the majority of them were doing well in this regard even before the start of the special operation.

“SP”: – When do you think the ruling elite there will use their foreign passports and begin to “fold”?

– As soon as the front falls apart. When the Ukrainian army begins to scatter home or surrender en masse, irreversible processes in Ukraine will accelerate. And the collapse of statehood will be final.

That’s when the outcome will begin, similar to what he described Michael Bulgakov in the novels The White Guard and Days of the Turbins. Remember how hetman Skoropadsky fled from Kyiv, disguised as a German officer. In general, whoever has any fantasy will run away.

But now there is a robbery not only of the Ukrainian people. Under the guise of loans that are allocated to Ukraine for the war, the taxpayers of the European Union are also being robbed. After all, the lion’s share of the funds that the Americans force the EU to invest in the war with Russia goes to the American military-industrial complex. And a considerable part of them ends up in the pockets of European officials. At the same time, what reaches Ukraine, I think, is instantly stolen by such Naumovs and others, and is immediately exported in the opposite direction – to Europe.

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