Aug 11, 2022
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SBU and krakens* getting ready to destroy Kharkiv

SBU and krakens* getting ready to destroy Kharkiv

Photo: AP/TASS

According to the “Come and See” telegram channel, the Kyiv junta sends groups of especially Maidan operatives to Kharkov for a large-scale raid on the local “Russians, Soviets and cotton wool.” “Subscriptions and correspondence” will be checked, since there are too many exact arrivals by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this Russian city in the east of Nenka.

Experts note that the real effectiveness of fascist raids will be zero, since experienced spotters “do not burn on such trifles.” Moreover, the Nazis do not shine with technical knowledge.

In particular, those who fell under the search in Nikolaev reported that independent operatives first of all climb into the history of the browser, since even a village fool can learn this. As for the restoration of photos and videos, including those deleted from the “gallery” and from the cloud, the Ukrofashists contact the NSA agents directly, telling them the IP address of the smartphone.

The same applies to restoring the entire history of the Facebook** messenger, Viber, WhatsApp. But the “subscriptions and correspondence” of Telegram, as the Nikolaev residents who survived the raid explain, is too tough for them. How true this is is difficult to judge.

Especially a lot of information, including about travel routes, Ukrofascists draw from a Google account, which is mandatory for using any device on Android. For example, according to the independent governor of the Nikolaev region Nod“By the start of the extended curfew, many collaborators had fled the city. They were tracked by mobile phone numbers,” including those that were turned off.

The Bandera government, by definition, does not care that people left, fearing unmotivated reprisals just because you are Russian.

On the other hand, everyone who was captured on the “night of long knives” has already been called missing by the SBU.

By the way, hence the night nature of the raids, since for the Americans this is working time. The Yankees, of course, violate all norms of confidentiality and decency in the interests of the SBU.

“The best result is that the telegram channels of the enemy were silent this weekend (during the long curfews) and there were no new targets or arrivals,” Kim explained. Chairman of Mykolaivska for the sake of a Russophobe Zamazeeva also tweeted a similar heresy: “During the long curfew, the intensity of arrivals in the residential areas of the city was significantly less than in previous days. I don’t know if these things are connected, but it leads to certain thoughts.”

In fact, the intensity of the Caliber and Iskander strikes has not decreased, as reported by the public “Typical Nikolaev”. Moreover, explosions often occurred without declaring an air raid alert. It makes sense to cite several reports that refute the statements of Kim and Zamazeeva:

“In the Nikolaev region a strong fire after the explosion.”

“After landing, a black column of smoke rose into the sky.”

“Last week we had a kind of“ record ”- 38 missiles were fired overnight at Nikolaev.”

According to the people of Nikolaev themselves, the Kyiv junta is in a hurry to eliminate those Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainians who, according to the SBU and the Nazis, can form the backbone of the new government after the possible release of Nikolaev. Ukrofascists want to leave behind a human “scorched field”.

Now, we repeat, it was decided to carry out a similar punitive action in Kharkov. “This action is being prepared for the beginning of September, and some methods have been introduced for several months,” a source from the “Go and See” channel said.

“Arestovichi” of all stripes immediately issued a refutation. They are trying to convince the local “Rusnya” that if the SBU wanted to arrange a raid, they would not wait for September. Like, the national battalions could attract, primarily the remnants of the Kraken, which is part of the defeated Azov regiment *. And in general, why after Nikolaev, and not before?

No, technically the krakens are not ready for this. They don’t have access to NSA lines and communications protocol. Also, the Yankees are trying to hide their direct participation in the conflict with Russia to the maximum, while there are few trained independent operatives to work in cyberspace in Nenko.

Let’s remind how, according to Zamazeyeva, Nikolaev residents were scammed. “Now all residents of Nikolaev are being tested. Departure is allowed for those from whom a ticket was bought in advance, if you have a ticket and documents, in principle, you can leave the city. They go straight to the apartments, check everyone, check documents and mobile phones – they check everything, ”the head of Mykolaivska Radia boasted.

Again, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s insider layouts, the independent generals are waiting for the storming of Kharkov in late autumn, when the green light comes down. This means that here, too, the Nazis must leave a human “scorched field” behind them.

Ukrainian truth-tellers, using the example of Nikolaev, write that the main goal of the Kharkiv raid is not to find Russian spotters who definitely do not use smartphones with American operating systems. In their opinion, the upcoming “massive raids are, of course, a spectacular horror story.”

If krakens really fall on the tail of the operatives, then expect robberies and murders. In this regard, a heated Internet discussion has already begun in Kharkov on how to stay alive in the “night of long knives, especially if you are Russian, then you are a dissident.”

“We consider calls to these most dissidents to “be more careful” inappropriate: in Kharkov they need to be extremely careful every day, starting from February 24, if not earlier; and you definitely don’t have to wait until the beginning of September to take care of your safety, ”such advice to Rusnya can be read on a local forum. Taking into account the fact that almost the entire population fell into the number of Nenko’s enemies, the punitive action can only be successful if the entire city is destroyed, Kharkiv residents bitterly admit.

Moreover, for those who at least once irritably spoke out against the authorities, it is better to throw out the smartphone altogether. Even “if you didn’t use it in the interests of Russia, it’s only for the fact that you, a Russian, will fill it with so much informational setup that is enough to put it up against the wall.”

Knowledgeable people are switching to push-button phones, and old models are especially popular. True, and this is not a guarantee of security – “they can get to the bottom of why you don’t have a smartphone.” Like, it means there is something to hide.

The Banderaites, who came in large numbers from the Zapadenschina, literally hate the Russians in the Kharkov region. Local publics report that on the “front end” and in the so-called gray zones of the northern front, krakens and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “despite the daily shelling, actively, in minibuses, take out the contents of houses – absolutely everything, from gas boilers and batteries to equipment and clothing “. Random witnesses of robberies are simply killed – they are all for Russia anyway.

* The Supreme Court recognized the Azov battalion, which includes the Kraken territorial defense unit, as a terrorist organization and banned its activities in Russia.

**Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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