Dec 30, 2020
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Sati Casanova about scandals in the group “Factory”, the departure of Maria Alalykina to Islam, her Italian husband and plans for children

Sati Casanova about scandals in the group "Factory", the departure of Maria Alalykina to Islam, an Italian husband and plans for children

Sati Casanova with her husband Stefano Tiozzo

38-year-old ex-member of the group “Factory” Sati Casanova became a guest of the YouTube show of Nadezhda Strelets “Sagittarius fellow”… In a frank conversation with the leading singer, she spoke about the scandals in the group “Factory”, difficult traits of his character, the departure to Islam and the move to Dagestan of his former colleague in the musical group Maria Alalykina, and much more. Sati also touched on the topic of her personal life: she remembered her relationship with a successful entrepreneur and media manager Alexander Shenkman, an affair with a Kazakh billionaire and the son-in-law of former Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev Timur Kulibayev, as well as meeting her Italian husband. SPLETNIK.RU has collected the most interesting quotes.

About Maria Alalykina

I don’t know how she is now. I think she’s doing great. I hope and believe that she is happy. Probably, I am one of the few with whom she still somehow continued to communicate. She congratulated me on Muslim holidays. At our last meeting, we went to the mosque to perform namaz. Moreover, I did not know these prayers by heart, but she knew. She told me – that’s such a paradox. Her path is unique, unusual and not clear to everyone. Well, God bless them!

Can you imagine how strong her thirst, her faith in what she chose, is! She left her fame, money and fans, considering it a husk. Do you understand how strong it is? She felt bad. On the one hand, she was extroverted, flamboyant, and very talented. She loved to flaunt all her facets. She starred in men’s magazines, and you can find it all on the Internet, but why? Probably, during this short period, she, like a butterfly, burst into flames and ate. She stayed in the group for less than six months.

 Group "Factory": Irina Toneva, Sasha Savelyeva, Sati Casanova and Maria AlalykinaGroup “Factory”: Irina Toneva, Sasha Savelyeva, Sati Casanova and Maria Alalykina

About scandals in the group “Factory”

This is my egoism, egocentrism, this self-esteem and unwillingness to reckon with other people’s opinions. It was all very clearly manifested in me during one incident with Irisha Toneva … It was such a cry from the heart. I was stunned by how I monstrously mock people. I looked at her and could not believe my eyes and ears. She just beat in hysterics, she sobbed and said: “Do you understand what you’ve already got? It’s impossible”…

And the last straw was the conflict when we made the program for the next performance. And Sashka says: “Let’s get this song!”… I say, “No, we won’t sing it”… Ira says: “And I would like her to be”… And I say this phrase: “Here you want and sing! I will not”… Is this permissible? I allowed myself such terrible things that I did not realize then. As a result, Sasha took her legs away from there, because she is the most non-conflict person, and Ira said: “Do you understand that you are destroying us in this way? It hurts! We are people, we are reckoned with and respect. Why don’t you respect us?”… She was saying obvious things. I listened to this and cried too. With every word she said, I realized that I was just some kind of monster. Although I have a good heart, I am a generous person. There are wonderful noble qualities, but these terrible ones are there.

 Group "Factory": Irina Toneva, Sasha Savelyeva and Sati Casanova Group “Factory”: Irina Toneva, Sasha Savelyeva and Sati Casanova

About relations with Alexander Shenkman

I had no relationship with Shenkman as such. He courted me. We weren’t going to get married, that’s not true. I can create the feeling of a bitch who took a guy and twisted. But I’ve never been like this.

About relations with Timur Kulibayev

At the rate Forbes October 2020, 54-year-old Timur Kulibayev has assets worth $ 2.9 billion and divides them with his wife Dinara Kulibayeva.

I’m so glad I was stupid, or not smart enough, or bitchy. You can call it whatever you like. Or maybe she didn’t know her worth. But I’m so glad that I didn’t become a slave to it all, I didn’t start playing it seriously. If I did not love him, I would not worry. And as any other would do, would give birth from him, because this is the guarantor. But, thank God, I did not have time to, again, not become a slave to circumstances. For me, apparently, this inner freedom is important. How I would have suffered if I had given birth, and this would have continued. It’s just like a bad dream to me.

Casanova watchesCasanova watches

He saved me during the period when “sex, drugs and rock and roll” and when I ended up in Sklifosovsky with a hard-wired fifth point. It all ended at a meeting with him. Despite the fact that he is also far from a saint: modeling agencies fly to him by air. We met at some corporate party, and then he constantly began to order our group. “Factory” earned a lot from this relationship.

I kept him out for a long time. I didn’t like him, he’s never really my type. It was simply his personal charm that captivated him: he was so confident in himself, in his amazing unique charisma, that he just had to create the circumstances in which we would communicate. At first, I resisted all communication. Even the girls were ready to hang out at some kind of dinner with all the artists, but I did not agree. And then one day … And then I found myself thinking a lot about him. And so it naturally happened.

Timur KulibayevTimur Kulibayev

I was so in love that I was ready to become a second wife. And it wasn’t me that much. I collapsed, and when I collapse, who cares? I was not needed, uninteresting and unloved to myself, not to mention some other person. If a person is not aware of his intrinsic value and does not respect his boundaries, then other people feel it.

About husband Stefano Tiozzo

I come to a friend’s wedding in Italy and I see a young man with a camera. It can be seen that this is the brother of the groom, because they are very similar. We didn’t like each other. He perceived me as a capricious and arrogant lady, and I perceived him as a simple boy who also talks a lot. There was a moment when he made a toast, and it was just endless. At that moment I thought that I would never marry an Italian.

Sati Casanova with her husband Stefano TiozzoSati Casanova with her husband Stefano Tiozzo

A few months later, we also meet with Stefano. I really wanted to get up and drink tea with the girls, but he once told me: “Sit down please”… He said as if we were a husband and wife who had lived for many years. And this is it “sit down” it was as if from some distant future. And immediately there was some knowledge inside me: “This is your husband. Not a feeling, not a guess, not a fantasy. And I’m like this: “No”… And it’s like a voice inside says to me: “Don’t show off, it’s your destiny, he’s good”… And I’m like this: “But I don’t like him, I like others”… And it was like they gave me a slap inside the head. Within three months we were engaged, and exactly one year later, on the day of our acquaintance, we signed in Moscow.

Casanova watches

About plans for children

I was the eldest in the family. The younger ones were literally thrown onto my children’s little shoulders: I had to watch them, wash them, feed them, clean them up. I used to wash my hands until my knuckles were bloody. It was all pretty hard. And I even, it seems to me, got under way. My husband still laughs at me because of this. Because when I see a sock thrown by him in the wrong place, I get a nervous tic. Now my husband is raising me, probably, for the upcoming motherhood. Because a child doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s why he is a child: at first he throws in the wrong place, stains where it is not supposed to. But the task of parents is to convey this gently, delicately. I have to come to this. Of course, we are already planning a child, and then how … But we are doing this.

Sati Casanova with her husband Stefano Tiozzo

About separate quarantine with my husband

We did not see each other from February to June. For me, long-distance relationships are generally quite a real story. I am the kind of person who loves my space: I need to be left periodically, left alone. God seemed to have foreseen my desires, because in my prayer I did not take into account that he was a traveler. And he gave me a traveler who periodically leaves. I miss, I miss. We have long and sweet chirps on the phone. But I feel good, and he feels good there. Do you understand how it works wonderfully? Therefore, I experienced it myself, when a person is there every day and every day suffocates with his attention. It’s awful, it’s not mine. And thank God, we now have the perfect balance and balance.

Of course, none of us are perfect. Of course, we are already quarreling somewhere, and I really know how to roll up Italian scandals with breaking dishes. That is, I am such a hot Caucasian-Italian woman. And he is interested in me, but I am infinitely interested. He has the highest intelligence and an incredible sense of humor. And this is some kind of very childish, very pure, very tender connection.

Sati Casanova with her husband Stefano Tiozzo

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