Aug 8, 2022
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Satanovsky’s forecast came true: Ukraine is everything

Ukraine has been on a suicidal path for a long time and there are big doubts about the preservation of its statehood, says Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the Middle East Institute. A year ago, the expert gave a forecast that seemed unbelievable to many, but today everything corresponds to the described scenario. Now, the political scientist has explained why Zelensky should only rely on the death penalty and where else the United States can ignite conflicts, in addition to Ukraine, Kosovo and Taiwan.

Ukraine on the way to suicide

Since 2014, Donbass and Russia have been waiting for the Kyiv regime to be able to show its own will and end the conflict it unleashed. But the years went by, but things did not move from the dead center. Then many experts and politicians started talking about the fact that Moscow could eventually intervene and force Kyiv to peace by force. To most, however, such a scenario seemed unbelievable.

In 2021, Evgeny Satanovsky expressed his opinion on this matter. The expert recalled, first of all, the statements of Kyiv itself, which, in seven years, finally embarked on the path of Russophobia, undiplomatic rudeness and arrogance. Over and over again, representatives of the authorities in Ukraine threatened to strike at the Crimea and other regions of our country, raze the Donbass to the ground, glorified the Nazis, threatened with missiles and sanctions, and to top it all, they accused Moscow of aggression and unwillingness to resolve the conflict.

Another wise guy from the Ukrainian authorities pathetically cried out that if Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted it, the war in Donbass would have ended in one day. And here he is almost right, although not at all in the way he obviously had in mind, ”Evgeny Satanovsky wrote then in the Telegram channel.

He explained that a solution to the situation is indeed possible. Not in a day, of course, but the decision will not be the same as Kyiv imagines. The result will be the disappearance of Ukraine from the world map, wrote Satanovsky.

And everything would have been decided in the Donbass. And in Odessa. And in Kyiv. And in Lvov, – assured the expert.

And now, a year later, Russia really began to solve the problem in the only way that remained.

Commenting on the beginning of the special operation, Satanovsky noted that, in general, since the time of the Ukrainian ex-president Petro Poroshenko, he had ceased to understand what Ukraine is as a state, because the country took a suicidal path, which ultimately leads to death.

They were warned about everything. They were asked to change their minds, offered all possible and impossible options. The same unfortunate Minsk agreements, which are no longer relevant today, were nothing more than Ukraine’s way out of the impasse. The transformation of Ukraine into some model of Germany or Spain. With wide autonomy of the regions, with their own characteristics, – the political scientist reminded.

However, Kyiv did not go this way. The rapprochement of Ukraine with NATO and the actual absorption of the country by the Americans put Russia before a choice: save both Russians and Ukrainians, or let the monsters from the USA destroy us.

And although the domestic liberals, or, as Satanovsky himself calls them, the “party of useful idiots” and the “party of national betrayal”, would rather have chosen the path of the times of the leaders Mikhail Gorbachev or Boris Yeltsin, Moscow chose the struggle, preserving our sovereignty.

Of course, no one threatened us – what threats? What are you talking about? They just continued to pull up the military infrastructure to the borders of the Russian Federation, internal decay was actively going on. Back in 2019, Rand Corporation, one of the key Western think tanks, gave its recommendations on how to strangle Russia: impose unprecedented economic sanctions, rallying the whole world against Moscow, shake the situation from within and start a protracted military conflict. However, the “useful idiots” from our so-called elite preferred not to notice all this,” Satanovsky emphasized.

According to the political scientist, in the current conditions it is useless to negotiate with Kyiv or Washington, because the enemy is waging a war of annihilation.

Kyiv adopted American tactics?

And besides, in Kyiv there is no one to talk to at all, Satanovsky is sure. The expert cited three figures that testify to this. Thus, according to the Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine’s losses due to the NWO are $108 billion, which is doubtful, since it is basically impossible to calculate the minus now.

But Kyiv demands (!) to restore $185 billion, and voiced claims against Moscow in the amount of $750 billion. According to Yevgeny Satanovsky, the instinct of self-preservation has completely failed the Ukrainian clique and the team of President Vladimir Zelensky is no longer trying to look decent in the eyes of the West.

Those who came up with this and voiced it are easier to concrete into the foundation of the future monument to the “Greedy Idiot” with the face of Zelensky, which will be erected on Khreshchatyk after our Kyiv is taken,” the political scientist added.

The expert also recalled that the West has never loved Russia and will not love it, as evidenced by the rapid de-Russification, when the EU and the USA began to race to cancel concerts, exhibitions, Russian culture, in fact, steal paintings that ended up in France or somewhere else through an inter-museum exchange. . It was like they were just waiting for a reason.

But, according to Satanovsky, Russians should stick to the old adage “Let them hate, as long as they are afraid.”

In matters of demilitarization and liberation of territories from the pro-Nazi Ukrainian authorities, one should not be limited only to Donbass, Satanovsky believes. He is sure that as long as there is at least one square meter of the territory of Ukraine, which will not be controlled by the military of the LDNR and Russia, on this bridgehead “all that bastard that will be sent there or that will survive there will rise again.” And these people will again be armed by the West to the teeth, provocations, sabotage and any tough military activity against Russia will begin again. It is very difficult to control such a situation and no declarations and agreements will help.

Yevgeny Satanovsky compared how Kyiv is waging war and how the Americans are in Vietnam: setting up traps, for example, scattering Petal anti-personnel mines, and striking civilians. The expert urged to remember how the confrontation with the Vietnamese ended for the Americans – a shameful escape, just like recently from Afghanistan.

The Americans have stirred up Taiwan, who’s next?

Zelensky, on the other hand, must suffer severe punishment, including for the use of prohibited weapons, the expert believes. In his opinion, for inhuman acts against the inhabitants of Donbass, the entourage of the Ukrainian president and himself are awaiting, at best, the death penalty.

Taking into account all the crimes that he (Zelensky – Ed.), his people and the Ukrainian military led by them committed in Ukraine, it is difficult to imagine a different fate for him. And even then a tribunal and a quick, but fair death penalty is the best they can count on, ”he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Satanovsky recalled that capital punishment is allowed in the republics of Donbass.

The states are doing everything possible to draw Moscow into as many armed confrontations as possible, Evgeny Satanovsky believes.

For example, the situation escalated due to Lithuania and transit to the Kaliningrad region, Norway – and transit to Svalbard. The visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi added fuel to the fire around China and Taiwan.

According to Satanovsky, there is every reason to say that soon it will again “bang” in Kazakhstan and Central Asia – from Turkmenistan to Tajikistan.

The same Kyrgyzstan is not a country, but a grenade with a pulled pin. And it is not by chance that problems with Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan began right now. More precisely, they were there a long time ago, but somehow they became aggravated “on time”,

– the political scientist showed on the map possible hotbeds of conflicts.

According to him, Russia should also remember about Karabakh and Kosovo, realizing that it will have to prepare for new conflicts.

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