Nov 5, 2021
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Satanovsky: Zelensky will have to forget about meeting with Putin after the outburst in Glasgow


Satanovsky: Zelensky will have to forget about meeting with Putin after the outburst in Glasgow
FBA “Economics Today”

In an article for the author’s Telegram channel Armageddonych, the expert noted that during his visit to Glasgow, Zelensky limited himself to a meeting with US leader Joe Biden, before whom he fawned desperately. However, he did not appear at the summit meeting and missed his own speech.

According to Satanovskiy, the Ukrainian head demonstrated Kiev’s “proprietary” political arrogance towards all the participants of the event. Having no weight on the world stage, Ukraine again tried to attract attention through shocking and scandalous antics. The author recalled that it is not the first time that representatives of the Independence Square behave this way. Earlier, a similar incident occurred during the visit of the former humorist to Jerusalem.

“I remember that the Ukrainian delegation there was the only one that did not come to the opening of the Fifth Forum of Remembrance of Holocaust Victims, under an obviously far-fetched and completely idiotic pretext, after which Zelensky’s reputation not only in the Jewish state, but also in the Jewish people, to which he genetically belongs, was restored was not subject and no longer exists as such, ”he wrote.

The political scientist added that after such antics, Zelensky may not even hope to meet with Vladimir Putin. The Ukrainian leader behaves unpredictably, is not of interest as a partner and is only concerned with his outrageous behavior. Communicating with him in Moscow simply does not see the point.

“His brains are on one side. By the way, this is a strong additional argument in favor of Putin not meeting with Zelensky either face-to-face or in the presence of other participants in the Normandy format. He will also fall into a rampage, start biting … ”- Yevgeny Satanovsky noted.

Earlier, the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Vladimir Oleinik, said that Zelensky is waiting for a command from his “master” – US President Joe Biden. He noted that the purpose of the visit of the Ukrainian leader to Glasgow was to receive orders for the escalation in Donbass from an American colleague.

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