Apr 3, 2021
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Satanovsky: Waiting for the war

When the representative of Ukraine in the trilateral contact group on Donbass, an official person, openly declares that the NATO exercises starting on the territory of Independent are aimed at practicing the war with Russia, he somehow immediately believes. Moreover, he gives more than enough details. As for the soothing statements of Westerners, nobody in this world has canceled disinformation, and for any potential aggressor it is an absolutely necessary thing, although not sufficient. That history, including our country, has demonstrated many times.

All the talk about the fact that no one will attack Russia, due to the fact that we have those weapons systems that were invented, designed and supplied to the troops, many of which were tested on the battlefield in Syria, and for the sake of Ukraine no one will start a world war, are beautiful in themselves, but they do not take into account the presence of a fool, from whom no protection can save. Moreover, the fool factor does not apply to the military, we are all right with them. However, everything was in order with them and in the USSR, only the decisions were made by politicians, or rather the then party leadership, to which in today’s Russia there were also hucksters, under whose rule our B-ruled state successfully and remains.

Exactly how they command, how they make decisions and what logic they are guided by, is noticeable by the results of their actions. Russia’s position in the post-Soviet space, not to mention Eastern Europe, cannot be compared with what the country had during the Soviet era. We are not talking about security. As for those perverted theories that dominate the domestic political elite and the near-political get-together, in terms of relations with the West, our “partisan detachment with a traitor” seems to be entirely composed of traitors alone, so that the country is saved only by what belongs they are to rival clans and constantly fight among themselves.

This state of affairs in the past was a characteristic part of the life of “our town”. Suffice it to recall the pre-war theme “not to succumb to provocations”, which to a large extent was a consequence of the blind and completely unfounded faith of the top leadership in diplomacy and interstate agreements, such as the treaty signed by Molotov with Germany, and distrust of the military and intelligence officers who warned about the war. And this is in the absence of the monetary component of decision-making, which in our time, it seems, decides, if not everything, then very, very much! Georgia 2008 and Ukraine 2014 can be seen.

The abundance of provocations, distracting maneuvers, soothing statements about the fact that you never know what decisions are made by the American and, after him, the European leadership and what statements these people make, can only reassure a deaf-blind clinical idiot. Our bosses do not consider themselves as such, and the population is still in some illusions about it, but they are confident that the mistakes of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the eras of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Medvedev, and in part of the post-Soviet space and not only them, will not be repeated with fatal results for the country, to be honest, none.

We repeat: the military can have any weapon. The command for its use is given by completely different people and that in their heads, in addition to complex intrigues, incomprehensible financial balances and considerations of an absolutely muddy and opaque nature, it cannot be clear and unclear. And here the only hope is that all of them, especially Number One, are told more clearly than the plain text by the Americans and Europeans that they are nobody, they would not have gone to call them all, and especially the First, out of the throne and from the palace halls, as such. And the fact that both all of them and him personally have been pumped out by the West with a black mark has been repeatedly confirmed.

Sanctions: personal, against departments, government agencies, organizations, firms and numerous personalities, that’s about it. The largest media company that demonized Russia in the eyes of the Western world, too. Doping accusations, accusations of the use of chemical weapons by Assad, the poisoning of Skripals and Navalny, and the phenomenon of Navalny itself, will be “piled up”, all the more so. The change of the ruling regimes in the post-Soviet space and its more than successful de-Russification, the transformation of Eastern Europe and a good part of the former Soviet republics into springboards for a future war against Russia, all the more so.

The war against Russian energy exports and, in general, against any Russian export and the economy as a whole, against Russian vaccines and Russian athletes, against any partners and allies of Russia (if it really has such) is clear evidence of a new Cold War. And much more successful than the last one. And this is not to mention the transformation of a good half of the Russian elite (at least) into a fifth column, with colossal doubts about the moral qualities of the second half, to a huge extent criminalized and corrupt, despite its demonstrative patriotism and demonstrative mossy aloofness.

In general, the alignment turns out to be worthless. Moreover, on the sly, explaining this by maneuvers, military equipment and equipment necessary to strike Russia is brought to Ukraine in advance, and all this has already been delivered to the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic states and has been stored there long ago. Why – openly secret. As well as what maneuvers are being practiced on their territory. I wonder what the reaction of the Americans would be if ours carried out activities of this kind not even in Cuba, but in Mexico and Canada? One can only assume … Well, in the meantime, it remains to wait for the war, hoping that the political leadership will not burst once again, as has happened to him more than once …

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