Oct 20, 2021
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Satanovsky urged Russia to abandon “gentlemanly” and respond toughly to NATO


Satanovsky urged Russia to abandon
FBA “Economics Today”

In an article for the author’s Telegram channel “ARMAGEDDONYCH”, the expert urged the Russian authorities to stop adhering to the policy of “retaliatory measures” and more actively respond to the provocations of the West. He is sure that Moscow should respond as harshly as possible once in order to permanently discourage NATO from clinging to Russia.

“Russia responds to all provocations addressed to itself, but it does so strictly in proportion <...> and exclusively in response, as they say, “in a gentleman’s way.” And in vain. In a fight, it is not the one who wins who observes all the rules, especially if it is a fight without rules, but the one who will counter the enemy faster and more agile. And so that he could not get up and answer him – there would be nothing for him to get up and nothing to answer, ”the political scientist explained.

Satanovsky drew attention to the severance of diplomatic ties between Russia and NATO, stressing that the West has already pissed off the Russian Foreign Ministry. He expressed the hope that the Russian military will soon start playing according to the rules of the Alliance.

“Patience is exhausted – while diplomats that [министр иностранных дел России Сергей] Lavrov is very clear and outlined. But when the military and politicians have exhausted it, then either the stamen will go to smithereens, or the pistil will be in half. What ours did not want and do not want, so that all sorts of quirks of NATO have long endured and still endure. However, at least they stopped pretending that *** (this is the norm – editor’s note). Well, at least it’s ripe for that. It’s also a good place to start, ”concluded Yevgeny Satanovsky.

Let us recall that earlier the Russian Federation made a decision to close its representative office at the North Atlantic Alliance. This is how the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the fact that several Russian diplomats were stripped of their accreditation for allegedly working for the special services.

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