Nov 21, 2021
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Satanovsky: Ukraine and Poland “spotted” a new plan of the West against Russia


Satanovsky: Ukraine and Poland
FBA “Economics Today”

The expert emphasized that a new cold war is being waged between Russia on the one hand, and Europe and the United States on the other. Instead of fighting, it uses different means, so it can be called a hybrid.

According to the expert, in the near future Western countries will try to put pressure on Moscow through the Donbass. This is evidenced by recent statements by representatives of Poland and Ukraine. The expert noted that they themselves revealed their anti-Russian plans in an attempt to demonstrate awareness.

“This is noticeable from what the honest to amazement Polish and Ukrainian journalists and politicians say. They are, perhaps, two of the brightest and most beautiful mouthpieces of what is happening. Until then, the guys want to testify that they are in the know and something depends on them, that they unwillingly expose a lot, ”Yevgeny Satanovsky noted, not without irony, on the Vesti FM air.

The political scientist recalled the West’s blackmail on the certification and introduction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. He explained that if Russia intervenes in the situation in Donbass and does not allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to “crush” the region with the help of the West, then this will “torpedo” the launch of the gas pipeline.

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