Apr 5, 2021
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Satanovsky: To compel Ukraine to peace by the methods worked out in Syria

A very correct method of influencing Ukraine was proposed by a prominent Russian politician, even, one might say, a statesman, at least in his position. We must propose to expel her from the Council of Europe. And then why is she shelling the Donbass? Look, a five-year-old child died there. Kiev can’t just let it go. And so, Russia will put forward this congenial proposal, Ukraine will be lowered in the eyes of Europeans! Ukraine will know how to kill children in Donbass. Let it turn like a sinner in a frying pan in hell, while everyone will discuss and condemn her, but her fate will be decided.

Well, what can you say? Recall: it was not Olga Buzova who suggested, not Ivan Urgant in his evening show, and not Ksenia Sobchak. Not Utkin, not Gordon, not Venediktov. This was said by a more than serious official. Big boss. The sovereign’s husband, not some member of “House-2”. Not a horseradish from a mountain, not a navel from a roadside, not a gob that got out of the forest – he sat in the thicket for a hundred years, got out of the habit of people. This was said by a grossé purits, one might even say, the capo di tutti capi of domestic parliamentarism. Which very accurately characterizes both him and parliamentarism as such. Not only domestic.

For example, let’s imagine that the Japanese began shelling our positions on Khalkhin Gol and would go out to the press, of course, not Comrade Stalin himself, but at least grandfather Kalinin with a proposal: to exclude the aggressor from, say, the World Philatelic Organization. Or the Aeronautics League. Or something else just as serious. That would be a blow to the empire! That is what the samurai would understand that they will not get away with arbitrariness. We would cut off their appetites by such an unexpected move, give them a hand and forever discourage them from continuing. Perhaps, after that, they would have left Manchuria altogether, or even from all of China and Korea. And from Taiwan too.

Our politician is scary if he gets a thought in his head. So she strives to express her, since she has wandered to him, without thinking. But in vain. If you skip the idea through the upper part of the head, where the brains in the cranium twist, screw and buzz, before it flies out through the lower part, where the tongue dangles, from which, as a word flies out, you can catch it to hell, and you can get off for a clever one. And on the contrary – how? And here it’s not even the point that this is a stupid idea and, from the point of view of those who are being fired at in the Donbas, it characterizes the Russian government and its intentions very badly, but in the fact that initially it is not necessary to anything, except for the desire to chatter with the tongue, it’s relationship is not It has.

Empty it. Or, as the ancestors of the author used to say in the places where they lived: peste haloymes. For a blogger, tick-toker or whatever rapper, it might have gone, but seriously ?! Let’s start with the fact that the Council of Europe itself is an empty place and the question is not what Ukraine is doing there, but what is Russia doing there? In the face, over and over again from every petty bastard, for whatever he wants, he gets? Gives you the opportunity to pour the next tub of slops onto your head, so that later to report to the authorities, how heroically our representatives dodged them and shook themselves off? Or is there some majestic hidden meaning in this whole sharaga?

If it consists in the fact that Russia for God knows why with its contributions in blood the existence of this senseless talking house is supported on an especially large scale, then is it not better that all those who are interested in being there should pay for them out of their own pocket, and not from the budget? Then at least the country will not look so stupid. Do you want to roam around Europe, cuddle up, go for it. But for their own. At least take a detour then. What else? Ukry people are being killed. Our people, who believed in Russia and for this they are raking in full for which year, and we will pronounce stupid texts in Europe as compensation for the death of their children ?!

Are we really crazy? At least those who take this nonsense seriously. And from what hangover, who and why will reproach the Ukrainian authorities in the Council of Europe? How does Kiev differ from other Europeans in terms of the level of bastardism and vile aggressiveness of its policy? Who is there in this Council of Europe? Didn’t they accidentally smash Yugoslavia to smithereens? Did you turn a blind eye to African wars and genocides? Have they fired on civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq? Libya uncovered to zero? Syria only miraculously, thanks to our videoconferencing, not destroyed? We don’t even mention anything else. So Ukraine has a very place in their company.

There is no and there will not be peace in Donbass until we force Ukraine to peace. And not by verbal battles, waged not clearly where and for what the hell, but by methods as simple as effective, worked out in Syria and recently demonstrated in Karabakh. The bosses have a desire to look serious, get out of their lethargy, stop voicing idiotic theoretical ideas, and the war will end there. No, it will go on like this until the enemy has accumulated strength and trained enough to attack Russia directly. What we, by the way, are about to wait for, if this continues.

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