Nov 11, 2021
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Satanovsky threatened the US Navy with a “second Pearl Harbor” after provocations near the borders of the Russian Federation


Satanovsky threatened the US Navy with a

In an article for Teletype, the expert noted the maneuvers of the United States Navy in the Black Sea. Such events near the Russian borders lead to an increase in tension, which at any moment could turn into a real military clash.

In this regard, Satanovsky warned Washington about Moscow’s tough response to provocations in the Black Sea. According to the political scientist, it is possible that the Americans will wait for the “second” Pearl Harbor. By this, the expert recalled to the United States the Japanese air raid on the US Navy base, which was catastrophic for the American fleet.

According to Satanovsky, in fact, the White House does not want an armed confrontation with Russia, but is only trying to intimidate it. However, events from history show that the Americans did not want to fight in Vietnam or Afghanistan either.

“The Black Sea is not the worst water area for someone’s fleet to end their mortal days within it. Nothing worse than Pearl Harbor, ”the political scientist wrote.

Earlier, Satanovsky said that Europe does not care how Poland will fight illegal migrants at the border. He stressed that Warsaw did not join the EU for the sake of ideas of humanism, therefore, it does not care about the fate of illegal migrants who came to seek asylum. The Poles are only interested in subsidies from the management of the association.

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