Nov 3, 2021
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Satanovsky ridiculed Zelensky for absenteeism at UN Eco-summit in Scotland


Satanovsky ridiculed Zelensky for absenteeism at UN Eco-summit in Scotland
Federal news agency

Scotland hosts a UN-sponsored climate change summit. Representatives of 120 states were invited to it. The heads of Russia and China refused to attend the Glasgow summit, and the Ukrainian president did not refuse the opportunity to once again meet with Western partners.

During a meeting between US President Joe Biden and Zelensky, a photograph was captured in which the Ukrainian leader demonstrated incredible servility. Political scientist Satanovsky laughed at this situation.

“When the head of a Third World country, to which today’s Ukraine certainly belongs, gets a chance to appeal to the leaders of developed countries. Well, it is possible that Kiev is entering a new period of its post-Soviet history and now intends to look not only at Russia, but also at all other states, without hiding it, ”wrote Satanovsky.

According to the political scientist, Zelensky has nothing to offer the world community, so he acted in his “corporate style” and refused to speak at the summit. Satanovsky reminded subscribers that it is not the first time that the Ukrainian president has not come to important events under far-fetched pretexts. During his visit to Israel, he did not attend the opening of the Fifth Holocaust Remembrance Forum.

“But you never know what can happen to such a small-town provincial from a deep backwater, like the Ukrainian president, especially if it’s Zelensky! He, however, is true to himself. And in trifles, and in serious matters, and in the most important, relying on him is just a waste of time, ”commented Satanovsky.

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