Jun 16, 2022
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Satanovsky promised that for the attempt on the Crimean bridge “everyone will be robbed”

Satanovsky promised that for the attempt on the Crimean bridge

Ukrainian military leaders so often talk about their dreams of hitting the Russian Crimean bridge with American missiles that all psychologists already understand their diagnosis – a severe, chronic, incurable inferiority complex.

A well-known Russian political scientist, president of the Middle East Institute talks about this in his Telegram channel with his characteristic sarcasm Evgeny Satanovskyaccording to which, the situation with the mental health of the Ukrainian military leadership is so unfavorable that it (this military leadership) is easier to kill along with Western curators than to try to cure it.

“So for the time being, we will have to proceed from the fact that the threat to the Crimean bridge is more than real. But it was not built for a lot of money, so that some bastard trained on it in accuracy, ”the political scientist notes.

At the same time, according to Satanovsky, the Crimean bridge has a rather significant and symbolic meaning for modern Russia. And if this structure really suffers as a result of a blow, then the destruction of those who inflict this blow will be little consolation.

“So, for this very bridge, if anything, they will rake everything to the fullest. And those who encroach on him, and those who help them in this, in the first place, ”the author emphasizes.

Satanovsky promised that for the attempt on the Crimean bridge

Satanovsky also reminds that obsession with the topic of bridges is far from being only a Ukrainian quirk. For example, the Greeks traditionally threaten the Turks that “if something goes wrong” they will destroy the bridges across the Bosporus. And the Turks in response solidly answer that no one will allow Greek planes to fly over even the Aegean Sea.

“So the protection of bridges over the sea straits is not only a Russian problem. Maybe that’s why (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (Turkish leader Recep Tayyip) Erdogan understand each other so well? Both have to deal with the same type of aggressive psychopaths,” the political scientist notes philosophically in conclusion.

Satanovsky promised that for the attempt on the Crimean bridge

Recall, earlier, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Marchenko said that for the Ukrainian army, the destruction of the Crimean bridge is the “number one” task. And this task will be implemented as soon as the Ukrainian military receives American long-range guns, the supply of which Kyiv has long been asking the United States, Marchenko stressed.

This statement was commented, among others, by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who stressed that the Russian military fully ensures and guarantees the security of Crimea. And threats to strike at the Crimean bridge, Peskov recalled, are far from being heard for the first time, and the Russian side, of course, does not leave them unattended.

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