Apr 20, 2021
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Satanovsky: Macron’s desire to draw “red lines” in front of the Russian Federation is perplexing

French President Macron’s call to “define red lines for Russia” is a bit puzzling. No, it is clear that Macron is an emotional person, for the sake of a catchphrase he is ready for a lot, and in general, as Merkel leaves office, taking into account the fact that England is no longer in the European Union, he will claim to be the number one in Europe, but how much stupidity is possible blurt out?

Moreover, he cannot cope with either his own terrorists, or “yellow vests,” or illegal migrants, or the economy, or Assad (he tried), or Erdogan, or Lukashenko (although he promised Tikhanovskaya), or Normandy format (on the obligations under which Kiev, believing itself terribly cunning, did not care) … And who is he after all this?

That is, it is clear even to a hedgehog that the current president of France is an empty balabol with claims to Bonapartism. Not so annoying, no. A typical French figure. I wouldn’t accidentally run for president, I could be in charge of Charlie Hebdo, which, by the way, he also cannot cope with and does not even try. This is not Russia! They can answer. Why would he have such an adventure on his own head?

The last times, when France “put red lines” for us, did not end with anything good for it. In the end, we also took Paris, even though it was a long time ago. Moreover, Napoleon Bonaparte was much cooler than Macron. Crimea, from where Napoleon III tried, as best he could, to knock out Russia, has remained it to this day. Although the French put the people there … It was the same with the Entente and the French SS on the Eastern Front.

Why would Macron run into the same rake, no reasonable person will say. But maybe he wants to go down in history. Moreover, he is not alone in this. Vaughn, the FRG defense minister, claims that Russia is the main threat to Europe. And she is not alone. Well, let’s confirm. Unlike our “cats Leopolds”, who in their amicable chorus assure that Russia poses no threat to anyone.

Represents, and even what! So the only thing that nullifies this more than a serious threat is not to run up, not to cringe, not build any stupid “red lines” around us and not try to threaten us with something or dictate the rules of behavior. It will be cheaper. Although what and with whom we are talking … Europe is again drawn to adventure. Welcome! We have such an abundance of them for you …

By the way! There, the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, the same one who had already demanded the return of the atomic bomb to them, said that Ukraine’s membership in NATO is the direct and immediate responsibility of the FRG. How vividly and substantively explained the future that awaits both Germany and France, and all of Europe in their battle with today’s Russia for the future, where Moscow will be overlaid with red flags like a wolf. Macron will help them all …

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