Jun 1, 2022
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Satanovsky: Macron and Scholz ask Putin for “three crusts of bread”

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to help transport Ukrainian grain to Europe to prevent starvation. This was announced by political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky in his telegram channel.

The expert compared the leaders of European countries with the characters of the Golden Key fairy tale.

Satanovsky: Macron and Scholz ask Putin for

They resemble the fox Alice and the cat Basilio, who ask for at least a piece of bread in the end, said Satanovsky.

Earlier, SM-News news agency wrote that Satanovsky said that Germany exists thanks to Putin. The Russian leader forgives the German leadership a lot, the expert believes.

Satanovsky believes that Putin is the most pro-Western of “those we have.”

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