Jul 17, 2020
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Satanism has become the new symbol of liberal values

In the United States, activists of the organization "The Satanic Temple" warned the Mississippi authorities that they would sue them if the words "We trust in God" appear on the new state flag. According to Satanists, the inscription is an act of discrimination against "atheists, Satanists and other people of non-theistic confessions."

For such demands, the moment has come: the state of Mississippi is developing a new flag due to the fact that the old one had the symbol of the Confederation of the Southern States (blue St. Andrew's cross with stars), which is now declared intolerably racist in the wake of Black Lives Matter.

This is not the first time that the "Satanic Temple" publicly declares itself. Not so long ago, they reacted to a stele with the ten commandments that was installed outside the Capitol building in Oklahoma City. Satanists demanded to remove the stele - or to install (for the sake of "religious equality") a huge statue of Baphomet made by them.

Members of the "Satanic Temple" say that their community includes about 50 thousand people - it is difficult to verify whether this is so. They hold - including publicly, even on the steps of administrative buildings - "black masses", at which, dressed in special vestments, they call on Satan.

At the same time, they say that they do not believe in Satan as a real spiritual being, but believe in "human rights and freedom", understood, however, somewhat one-sidedly - the "Satanic Temple" vigorously fights for abortion and LGBT rights, which causes applause in the liberal media for which they are nice guys and certainly their own.

There is much that is deeply symbolic in the emergence of this satanic activity and the reaction to it: in the public invocation of the unclean on the steps of the Capitol there is a wealth of meanings that are worth paying attention to.

This is a sign of a major cultural shift. Formally, there is no reason to prohibit public worship of Satan - freedom of religion extends to any number of strange cults. But not so long ago, open worship of the enemy of the human race would have been impossible for reasons, rather, of a cultural and social nature. This would be indecent, unacceptable and would lead a person to complete margins - after all, life can be ruined not only by state persecution, but also by "diffuse sanctions" when bad rumors circulate about a person, and respectable citizens prefer not to hire him or her at all business with him.

Until recently, being a Satanist was fraught with trouble - much like openly expressing Nazi sympathies. In the United States, a person can walk even with a Nazi flag, even with a banner "Hitler was right", and for this (unlike Russia or Western Europe) he will not be arrested. But he will have a solid reputation as a dangerous jerk, and it will be very difficult for him to find a job or even get any advancement in life. Therefore, there are neo-Nazis in the United States - but they are few and they occupy an extremely marginal place in society. The mechanism of public rejection leads to the minimization of some phenomena, even if they are not formally prohibited.

The same public rejection made it impossible until recently to openly and publicly worship Satan. The point is not only in the pious indignation of Christians, but in the fact that for people who were personally completely indifferent to religion, Satanism was associated with something socially unacceptable - Satanists, like neo-Nazis, were considered abnormal, to appear in their company would mean ruining their reputation ...

There was a cultural consensus that was not always spoken out loud, but understood by everyone. With all its religious and ethnic diversity, the United States remained a country of European culture and Christian values. During the Cold War, they saw themselves as a bulwark of Christian civilization, opposing "godless communism."

The open appearances of Satanists, like so much else, suggest that the atmosphere has changed. A person's career can now be ruined not by flirting with the unclean, but, on the contrary, adherence to the Christian faith and especially Christian ethics in the field of gender. However, faith and piety are not required here - it is simply not enough to quickly adapt to the turns of the new ideology. This is no longer just a concern for Christians. A group of Western intellectuals, including J.K. Rowling, Margaret Atwood, and Noam Chomsky, signed an open letter expressing concern about the "climate of intolerance" and "ideological conformity" in which people are forced to conform to certain ideologies in order not to be harassed and livelihood.

President Trump, who is calling conservative voters under his banner, also says that “there is a new far-left fascism that requires unconditional obedience. If you do not speak his language, do not participate in his rituals, do not repeat his mantras and do not follow his commandments, then you are blacklisted, censored, prohibited, persecuted and punished. "

Satanism fits perfectly into the framework of this global ideological movement. Who else can be declared as their spiritual leader in the campaign against Christian civilization if not the first revolutionary? This to some extent unmasks the entire progressive movement - but not so much that its adherents scattered in horror.

A characteristic feature of evil is to hide his own choice from a person. On the one hand, a person is involved in something undoubtedly evil and destructive. On the other hand, this choice is masked by a thick verbal fog, which should convince him that nothing terrible is happening. This mist is created from several ingredients. Euphemisms, when a frightening reality is hidden behind harmless (or even positive) sounding allegories. Irony - when any suspicion that something is wrong is ridiculed as a conspiracy theory. Deliberately confusing with opposite signals.

Euphemisms have always been important for blurring evil, and they are still used today. If a couple of decades ago, someone predicted that in 2020, parents in advanced countries would send their own children to be castrated, he would be considered a gloomy science fiction with a sick imagination. If he says something like that these days, he will be arrested in Britain and hounded in the USA for the great insult he inflicted on transgender people.

Because the process, when adults hammer into the head of a little boy that he is actually a girl, then feed him with drugs that suppress puberty, and then cut off his genitals (the girl's breast, respectively), is usually called "sex correction" and generally wrap it into special ideological terminology.

If you describe the whole process in normal human language, it will become piercingly clear that we are talking about monstrous evil and madness - but a specially built language allows people to mask this fact from themselves. Moreover, to lash out with righteous indignation on anyone who (like J.K. Rowling) doubts the justification of such actions. Irony portrays any manifestation of concern as ridiculous paranoia, the lot of conspiracy theorists, people who are stupid, ignorant, evil and generally mentally ill. Their words are not worth discussing - they are so obviously ridiculous.

At the same time, progressive ideology continues to radicalize - and what until recently passed through the category of conspiracy becomes a directly observable reality, and the progressive press begins to ardently defend what it has recently declared a conspiracy horror story: whether it be forced LGBT indoctrination starting in kindergarten, sale organs of late aborted babies, declaring three-year-old children transgender with known consequences for their health and development, or Stalin's terms for disrespecting LGBT symbols, as in the case of Adolfo Martinez.

The process develops according to a well-known scheme: at first it is declared nonsense and conspiracy, then something that can be seriously discussed, then something permitted, then completely correct and worthy of approval, then mandatory.

If some time ago someone predicted that Satan would be openly worshiped in the United States, he would be ridiculed as a dark visionary. Now the train of progress has arrived at the next station, the worship of the devil on the steps of administrative buildings can be observed on YouTube - and the same people who a few years ago would have considered such a delusional horror story explain why this is a completely normal and wonderful manifestation of freedom of religion, and only evil Christian fanatics may have something against it.

For those starting to feel a little uneasy (where have we arrived?), Word fog contains another ingredient - conflicting signals. People completely openly, openly, aloud, in front of everyone, perform religious worship of Satan, but at the same time they say that they do not believe in literal Satan, that this is for them a symbol of free thought and some of their lofty values.

Satan, of course, is a liar and the father of lies - but the public is expected to smile knowingly and say: well, of course, all this is a nice proclamation of liberal values, and not at all worship of the forces of spiritual evil.

However, all this verbal fog is not impenetrable - it is, of course, a deception, but it requires the cooperation of the deceived. As a result, no one will be able to say that he did not know where this train was going and who was leading it. As it is sung in a very famous Negro spiritual hymn: "If I die and my soul perishes, no one but me is to blame."

But something else is worth noting. Satanism is a fundamentally secondary phenomenon; it takes all its images and symbolism from Christianity, against which it revolts. "Black Mass" is a parody of a real Mass. So the current totalitarian movement as a whole can exist only by parasitizing on the Christian heritage that it rejects.

In pagan society, it never occurred to the kshatriyas to think about whether they were discriminating against sudras, or even more so to repent of it. The idea that all people have value and dignity is based on the Christian doctrine of the creation of man in the image of God. On a purely empirical level, people are not equal - everyone has different capabilities, abilities, talents, attractiveness and social status. The belief that the black poor is on some fundamental level equal to the white millionaire is precisely a belief, and a biblical belief.

The fierce hostility of today's “equality campaigners” towards Christianity undermines the very foundation of the belief in equality.

Some of us may not believe in God or the devil, and consider both to be symbols. Well, then we will notice that these are very powerful symbols, with a very strong influence on the life of people and societies already on this side of eternity. Openly worshiping Satan symbolizes some very serious - and in any case frightening things.

Sergey Khudiev

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