Oct 16, 2021
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Sasha Zvereva told how she was beaten by the producer


Singer Sasha Zvereva admitted that she was beaten by the producer of the “Demo” group.

For ten years Sasha Zvereva performed as part of the Demo group. It seemed that such a life could only be dreamed of: fans, fame and high fees … However, the artist admitted that an unpleasant truth was hidden behind a beautiful picture. All these years, the performer has been subjected to violence.

Sasha Zvereva began performing in the Demo group as a very young girl. The performer’s naivety eventually played a cruel joke on her. She admitted that for many years she endured violence from producer Vadim Polyakov, not realizing all the horror that was happening to her.

I protected my parents from all my shocks. They didn’t even know that the producer beat me. He beat me, hit me on the head. From his blows, I got either a blood clot or a cerebral hemorrhage. And it cut off food to the cerebellum. At some point, I stopped seeing, the world was floating in front of my eyes, I vomited“, – the artist recalled.

Sasha Zvereva with her lover
Sasha Zvereva with her lover

Polyakov did not hesitate to blackmail the ward by dismissal: “For a very long time he manipulated my mind, saying that I am nobody and he will recruit such singers to the Demo group as he wants. Killed me a sense of uniqueness. And only when, with age, I realized that a charismatic, integral personality, I found the strength to leave. Actually, where is Demo now and where am I? People followed me“.

But the producer was in love with the artist, despite the status of a married man and the big difference in age. He was terribly jealous of Sasha for her lovers. Once Vadim’s rage turned into a terrible tragedy.

He was angry that I was dating a boy. I just found out about pregnancy, I’m expecting a baby, and he hit me in the stomach. There was a skirmish. I apparently told him something painful, but not important. I believe that nothing can make an adult, 15 years older, a man to hit a woman. Did you know about pregnancy? Knew“, – confessed the star on the YouTube show FAMETIME TV.

She had to endure ten years of humiliation in the Demo group before deciding to leave. Fortunately, now the performer is doing great. She is married to American lawyer Dan Walbran and has four children. She runs a successful online business, has launched her own clothing line and is engaged in motivational performances.

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