Jan 5, 2022
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Sasha Savelyeva was severely injured during her vacation


38-year-old singer Sasha Savelyeva fell from a snowmobile.

The artist, along with her husband Kirill Safonov and two-year-old son Leon, arranged for themselves active New Year’s holidays. They are resting outside the city.

The singer starred in a sheepskin coat and a trendy hat with earflaps. Sasha shone with happiness. She described how she perceives the winter break season. “Ice skating, walking, fishing, active games and maybe even intellectual ones – all this is to my liking! This is also a kind of mental rest and a change of activity in order to unload the brain.“- Savelieva admitted.

Sasha Savelyeva
Sasha Savelyeva

However, such a love for extreme sports played a cruel joke with the artist. She fell while riding a snowmobile. “An active holiday sometimes ends like this. I fell from the snowmobile onto my hand, ”Sasha said. She was helped at the emergency room.

I am terribly offended, because I understand that I cannot play the piano and tennis, just do something with my right hand.“, – barely holding back tears, said the artist. She is very worried, but does not lose faith in the best.

As a result, a crack. Now I will wear a splint. Until recently, I hoped it was a bruise. But, apparently, it should have happened“, – said the actor’s wife. She now has to walk with a plaster for a month.

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