Oct 12, 2021
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Sasha Savelyeva showed how she looks without makeup and filters


37-year-old singer Sasha Savelyeva shared a photo in which she appeared in a natural form without makeup and photoshop.

Russian stars increasingly began to appear in public without makeup. Many of them have also begun to abandon photo retouching and special Internet masks that instantly transform their appearance on the vast network platforms.

Recently, for the first time for herself, Christina Asmus did this, who has never appeared in public without cosmetics on her face. And now Sasha Savelyeva decided to capture her natural face in close-up by posting the picture on her personal blog. Some fans were surprised how good their 37-year-old pet looks good without any retouching.

Sasha Savelyeva
Sasha Savelyeva

Do you believe in signs?“, – the singer turned to the fans.

We still believe! 😂❤️“, – responded the star of the show” Let’s Get Married “, Vasilisa Volodina.

Only in cash😜 “,” Definitely! They are everywhere! The main thing is to interpret them correctly. 😉 “,” And intuitions! 😍 “,” Not really … I was wrong a million times “,” We invent them ourselves. I believe in my intuition and what is important to me!“, – answered the subscribers to the singer’s question.

However, most of the commentators drew attention to the natural beauty of Savelyeva: “Chic❤️, “Pretty Woman”, “Natural Beauty🔥”, “Look younger without makeup.”

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