Jan 7, 2022
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Sasha Savelyeva saved her son’s life


Singer Sasha Savelyeva spoke about the maternal instinct.

While many stars bask on the beaches of Egypt and the Maldives, Sasha Savelyeva and her husband Kirill Safonov set off on a winter fairy tale somewhere in the village. The singer has already managed to share footage where they, in full force, with their little son Leon, are feeding goats.

And everything would be fine if the wife did not dare to ride a snowmobile, taking the baby with them. Who would have thought that careless management of a winter mode of transport could turn into a serious accident, which the artist talked about on her Instagram.

Sasha Savelyeva
Sasha Savelyeva

We decided to make some pokatushki, and when I saw a hill ahead with a protruding part of the roots, I shouted to my husband, slow down! But my body signaled – fall on your side until we rolled over“, – Sasha writes.

And then everything was not at all fun: “Apparently the maternal instinct worked, disturbing thoughts, and now, Leon lies on me, and I am in the snow, phew, everyone is alive, the snowmobile has not turned over and only a hellish pain in the wrist. Shock, nausea and fear. The road to the emergency room, CT scan – bone fracture, contusion. Gypsum. Something like this“.

Most of all, Sasha is saddened by the fact that until she can play the flute, piano and play tennis. We can only hope for a miracle of quick recovery.

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