Apr 23, 2022
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“Sarmat” enters the geopolitical orbit

In the photo: the launch of the stationary-based intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" from the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

In the photo: the launch of the stationary-based intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. (Photo: Press Service of the RF Ministry of Defense/TASS)

On April 20, at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region, the launch of the stationary-based intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat was carried out.

According to dry official reports, “all launch tasks were completed in full. Design characteristics are confirmed. The circuit design and technical solutions laid down during the creation of the complex were recognized as correct.

This is what is called the “dry language of the poster.” And now to the point. “Sarmat” is not just a rocket. This is a promising new-generation missile with a multiple reentry vehicle and hypersonic gliders. And yesterday she left the silo launcher near Arkhangelsk and hit the target in Kamchatka.

What was this rocket for? “Sarmat” was supposed to replace the obsolete “Voevoda”, which took up combat duty back in 1992. The new missile was supposed to become a bargaining chip in negotiations on the reduction of strategic offensive weapons.

But the geopolitical situation in the world has changed dramatically. There was no one to talk to. America was not going to part with the role of world gendarme. On the altar of her sweet dreams, she began to throw entire countries, peoples and continents. And now they are grinding the Ukrainian people without hesitation. He is destined for the role of another victim in the struggle for world domination of the “shining city on a hill.” Unfortunately, the Ukrainians cope with this role very well – due to the lack of independence and secondary nature of the local politicum and the peculiarities of the mentality.

Little of. Until recently, the West refrained from delegating manpower to the Ukrainian front – its regular units. Their assistance was limited to the supply of weapons and “eyes wide shut”.

But recently the situation has changed dramatically and qualitatively.

First, these mercenaries became something too much. According to the most conservative estimates – more than seven thousand people. A small army – as many as three brigades, by the way. Moreover, for the most part, they previously hid in their countries from local justice for a wide variety of crimes. Including the most severe ones. And those who were intended by local law enforcement officers to be immediately captured, considered it a more acceptable option for themselves to dissolve without a trace in the open spaces of the “independence”. And now they are “fighters for the freedom of Ukraine.”

But, as the example of the British captured in Mariupol showed, these urkagans, sadyugas and perverts are so unnecessary in their historical homeland that no one really wants to bother with them. But no one wants to stop this army of scumbags in the West either, channeling all this evil spirits to the Ukrainian front. Soon they will even come up with the idea of ​​releasing urkagans directly from prisons and sending them to “ridna Nenka”. But it is necessary to bring such creatives to their senses. Including “Sarmat”, which may well fly to the “decision-making centers”, which are by no means located in Ukraine.

In addition, the documents of the “Azovites”* killed in Mariupol clearly demonstrate that under the guise of mercenaries, regulars** and officers of special services began to massively infiltrate Ukraine. This dramatically changes the already unstable rules of the game. Or rather, it finally turns it into a game without rules. And Putin as a former Chekist, this could not help but hook. There is insider information that in the catacombs of Mariupol, an American general with a French surname is still playing the “hero of the underground war” Curse.
And if this is confirmed, then America has already entered this very warpath without declaring war. Well, since they left – how about “Sarmat”?

Move on. The other day, “sleeping Joe” said that America would supply Ukraine with heavy howitzers. And since you need to be able to work with this complex colossus, our partners take on the task of machine-gun training Ukrainian soldiers in artillery art in their homeland. But it seems to me that they will not be able to quickly train them. Anyone who has served in the army knows that in less than three months you cannot train even an ordinary infantryman. And for the training of a tanker or artilleryman (taking into account field trips) – take it out and put it down for six months.

But are the Americans ready to wait these six months? Not even an hour, during this time the operation will end. Or at least the active part of it. Therefore, the “golden thought” that together with howitzers it is quite possible to send already trained artillery crews from among the American regulars to Ukraine could well stick into the “golden heads” of the American General Staff officers. In addition, there is another strong suspicion that the Americans will use these howitzers not only (and not so much) at our soldiers, but at a variety of objects and civilians across Russia. There are already precedents. Transferring battles from the territory of Ukraine to the territory of Russia is generally the blue dream of Washington strategists. But if you continue to pull your greedy tentacles to our territory, we will reach yours – the same “Sarmatians”. You hit us with howitzers, we hit you with missiles. Nothing personal, just “our answer Chamberlain, Biden I Johnson“.

In addition, the situation with the Moskva cruiser is still unclear. There is a version that the Americans from the territory of Romania sent several drones to hunt for the cruiser at once, which managed to shoot down the radars and antennas of the ship. And then Ukrainian “Neptunes” went from Odessa towards the cruiser. And they were again directed by the NATO coastal patrol aircraft “Orion”, which hovered over Romania. He also initiated electronic interference, which were focused on the air defense of the cruiser. The missiles approached the ship with the homing heads turned off. And then Orion gave them the exact coordinates of the cruiser. It turns out that again there were no “non-brothers” here? That is, again, NATO is at war with us without declaring war. Well, how is it without “Sarmat”?

And lately, there have been more and more loud calls that it is time for NATO to send regular troops to Ukraine. This is discussed at every closed summit of the alliance. And the other day, a US senator said this in full voice and “in a blue eye” Chris Koonsa man on Biden’s team and a longtime friend of his family.

And the soldiers of the alliance are happy to try. The same Poles have already deployed half of their army on the border with the “independent” one. Entire brigades stand at a low start – they just don’t jump out of their pants … And it’s not far from a direct combat clash.

But Putin warned that all this would not end well. Back in 2018, in his message to the Federal Assembly. It was then that he mentioned the five “hypersonic” surprises. But then they did not believe him. “It’s just a cartoon,” they said. “Russia has only rusty missiles left. Putin is bluffing. He’s a Chekist!”

Well, get it – sign it. So far – in the form of a test launch – from Plesetsk to Kamchatka. But who needs it – understand. To date, no one in the world (including the United States) has an answer to this superweapon of Moscow. And it won’t be for at least a few more years.

“Sarmat” is not only able to overcome any missile defense system. It can hit US territory, for example, through the South Pole. Or along any other trajectory that renders all missile defense efforts meaningless. To “hit” means to wipe out a dozen million-plus cities from the face of the Earth with the warheads of one missile. Guaranteed. No options. At least tomorrow.

“This weapon will make think those who, in the heat of aggressive rhetoric, will try to threaten us,” the president himself commented on this launch.

In time. And then, following Koons, military experts in the West, wound up with Ukrainian fakes and their own propaganda, began to cuckoo at all corners and closed summits, they say, Russia is weak. That her army is good for nothing. That the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine have already destroyed thousands of Russian tanks and shot down hundreds of aircraft and are about to move on Moscow.

Well, welcome to hell, gentlemen. But first you have to “just die.” “Sarmat” to help you.

* Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

** “Regulars” the author calls the soldiers of the regular army.

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